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  • The remains of an ancient alien race destroyed by the Nomads.
    Ancients are the remains of an ancient alien race which was on a similar technological level as the human race, which was destroyed by the Nomads. They are present in Dervon, a system whose entrance is well hidden inside a planetary fragment within the Utopia system. Human investigations about their history can be read HERE.

    == TYPE ==
    Alien race.

    == HQ ==
    Ancient Battleship, Dervon

    == ARMAMENTS ==
    • Photon weapons (strong vs. Positron, weak vs. Graviton)
    • Graviton shields

    • none

    == ENEMIES ==
    • Ancients show hostile behavior toward everyone showing next to them.

    == BASES ==
    are no known dockable bases
    == BRIBE ==
    Is known only one way how to "bribe" Ancients and this is destroy Dom'Kavash vessels.

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