• Border Worlds System in Sirius Sector. In Crossfire MP it is home for the Praetorian Guard Clan.

    Very nice and important system (in SP Campaign play one from major roles) which offer connection between two sectors. Visitors however should be warned, that south-western part needs special permission for enter. This restricted System part have lethal defense, so better visit local bars and find information how to obtain permission before you will want go there. This system also have very rich history (MP), in the past it was controlled by the Silver_Arrows clan which were for some time mercenaries and then for long time police. But then they suddenly vanished, no one exactly know what happened, rumors are saying that they were called to duty in Inner Core but nothing more. After departure of the original owners was this strategical system found by clan named Pretorian Guard which orientation seems is very opposite, pilots bearing theirs mark likes rum and "taxing".