• 14002-csf-license-pngLicense allowing participation in server special Role-Play - ASF vs CSF.

    CSF_License: Allows players to be part of the Confederated Strike Force (CSF) which fight against the Alliance Star Fleet (ASF), more details here. Every ship equipped with this license is open to attack from any player carrying on his ship opposite license (ASF_License) anywhere and any-time in all Crossfire RP systems.


    IMPORTANT: Each playable ship on the Crossfire server is equipped with two license slots intended for server role-play purposes. The Crossfire server accommodates two types of role-play: Basic (Pirate License, Police License, Mercenary License & Smuggler License) and Special (ASF_License & CSF_License). Players can assign only one basic and one special license to any of their ships. A distinct arrangement is applicable to server clans, wherein clan members uniformly utilize the same license, either for basic or special role-play, as per the internal decision of each clan.