• Old alien race which once controlled the whole Milky Way galaxy.


    The Dom'Kavash are an old race, that once controlled the whole galaxy. Human investigations about their history can be read HERE.

    When Edison Trent met them for the first time, they told him: "We are the Kavash. We ruled over this galaxy for more than 70.000 years but our empire nearly collapsed. Our race was young when we started to spread over this part of the universe. Young and blinded. Not many races which we have met in the early years of the empire did survive the following wars. The very few which did became part of the empire. Soon after just 2.000 years we ruled over this galaxy and in our blinded arrogance we now used the name Dom'Kavash, Dominator Kavash. It took us another 10.000 years to realize our mistakes. We, the empire were alone. Our race reached a technological level far beyond your imagination, the entire galaxy was ours but there were no more tasks for us. No battles to fight, no war to win, no place we did not yet control.

    Our new fate was to give back something to the worlds we once have conquered. The seed of life was spread over many worlds and other planets already did contain primitive life forms that got influenced by our presence. But we Kavash are not free of mistakes, we did many. So it did happen that we also tried to reach other galaxies. It took 4.000 years to develop a technology to open the hyperspace to other galaxies. There was no power-source strong enough to keep open such a gateway except one. One of the black holes close to the galaxy core. We have built three galactic gates and opened them. From all our mistakes this was the biggest one.

    When we tried to reach the other galaxies we expected primitive cultures, maybe even a few civilizations. But our expectations were wrong. We could not know that we were not the only galactic empire. Our first contacts with the others were peaceful, at least for the first few hundred years. But the situation started to become complicated when we, the Kavash decided not to share our hyperspace technology with the other empires. It is hard to say if this was a mistake or not.

    It took not long that war was declared on us and giant fleets came through the galactic hypergates into our galaxy. Every ship, every Kavash able to fight was ordered back to our homeworld to join our fleets. Our plan was to destroy the Galactic gates and finally close them. But we failed. We, the Kavash reached the gates under heavy losses. We destroyed the hyperspace technology inside the gates because the gates themselves were nearly indestructible as they were build to resist even the gravimetrical anomalies of the black hole. The gates remained open. The hyperspace gateways took their energy directly from the black hole and we were not able to disrupt this energy stream. Out fleet had to retreat.

    Many of the systems close to the core were overrun by our enemies. We, the Kavash could not fight everywhere and we could not allow that these intruders get hands on the hyperspace technology. Our decision was to abandon colonies in the outer regions of the galaxy and to destroy all hypergates leading there. We limited the war to stay close to the core, far away from our "children". That was the price we had to pay for our arrogance.

    We could not expect that the war would raging for so long, we could not expect that your race would travel to space that soon. You have met the Guards of our old colonies the Nomads, You have survived them. Your race appears to be very interesting and strong but full of conflicts. You appear to be like the Kavash 70.000 years ago.

    Our empire will fall soon. The last defense lines have been reached by the enemy forces. The first time in our history we ask for help. Fight with us or this galaxy will fall.

    2. TYPE

    Alien race

    3. HQ

    Mirtrrak Battle Station, Weth


    • Plasma weapons (strong vs. Graviton, weak vs. Molecular)
    • Molecular shields


    The DK (Dom'Kavash) are represented in several systems and sectors such as Altair Sector and Inner Core Sector.


    • Nomads (race once bred by Dom'Kavash as servant and guards, they are defending Dom'Kavash at all costs)

    7. ENEMIES

    8. BASES

    Chralrgha Breeder Minnck
    Chrazll Citadel Relenth
    Draghdan Academy Whyr
    Drokorm Light Dome Zhiklor
    Fyrdsay Refinery Sorror
    Hyltpol Outpost Bimia
    Jartltend Research Station Lenas
    Kirrt Outpost Relenth
    Kyshfenth Outpost Sorror
    Lyselm Refinery Minnck
    Mannenth Research Station Minnck
    Mirtrrak Battle Station Weth
    Nerllard Refinery Trawtai
    Raphrd Refinery Zhiklor
    Rhistis Breeder Trawtai
    Rywkim Battle Station Loret
    Sirmtia Research Station Relenth
    Smonkves Breeder Crallard
    Snoldwia Academy Lintkin
    Sylroth Light Dome Trawtai
    Zhirllis Citadel Lenas
    Kavash Arc Banysia

    9. BRIBE

    Is known only one way how to "bribe" Dom'Kavash and this is destroy Ancients vessels.