Battleship Westfalen

  • Rheinland Military base turned venerable Battleship
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    1 Description

    [align=justify]The sole remaining ship in the once-grand Rheinland Navy after the 80 years war, the Battleship Westfalen, is tasked with preventing the spread of pirates into Rheinland space and dealing with attacks by [lexicon]Unioners[/lexicon] terrorists. In the past the Westfalen also assisted in preventing breakouts from nearby [lexicon]Vierlande Prison[/lexicon]. [/align]

    2 Stats

    [list] [*]CLASS: Bismarck [*]CREW: CLASSIFIED [*]DOCKING: restricted [*]ARMAMENT: CLASSIFIED [*]OWNER: [lexicon]Rheinland Military[/lexicon] (Military) [*]SYSTEM: [lexicon]Hamburg[/lexicon] [/list]

    3 Ships

    [list][*][lexicon]Valkyrie[/lexicon] [*][lexicon]Shade[/lexicon] [*][lexicon]Rapier VHF[/lexicon] [/list]

    4 Equipment to buy

    4.1 Guns & Missiles & Turrets

    [list] [*][lexicon]Starkiller Torpedo Launcher[/lexicon] [*][lexicon]Wasp Cruise Disruptor[/lexicon] [*]Slingshot Missile [*]Windstalker Missile [*]Moonstalker Missile [*]Sweeper Missile [*]Catapult Missile [*]Stealthblade MK I [*]Flamecurse MK I [*]Hornviper MK I [*]Firekiss MK I [*][lexicon]Stealthblade Turret MK I[/lexicon] [*][lexicon]Hornviper Turret[/lexicon] [/list]

    4.2 Thrusters

    [list] [*][lexicon]Advanced Thruster[/lexicon] [/list]

    4.3 Mines

    [list] [*][lexicon]Wardog Mine[/lexicon] [*][lexicon]Tadpole Mine[/lexicon] [*][lexicon]Razor Mine[/lexicon] [*][lexicon]Driller Mine[/lexicon] [/list]

    4.4 Shields

    [list][*]Sconce H. F. Shield [*]Sconce Fr. Shield [*]Sconce L. F. Shield [*]Adv. Sconce H. F. Shield [*]Adv. Sconce Fr. Shield [*]Adv. Sconce L. F. Shield [*]Palisade H. F. Shield [*]Palisade Fr. Shield [*]Palisade L. F. Shield [*]Adv. Palisade Fr. Shield [*]Adv. Palisade L. F. Shield [*]Adv. Palisade H. F. Shield [/list] [line][/line]

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