Paralyzer Missile Launcher

  • EMP missile launcher and its ammunition.

    1. Description

    Based on an entirely new approach, The Paralyzer discharges the most powerful EMP on the market. Research shows that when used in combat, the Paralyzer can completely disrupt most shields in just one blast. Again this weapon serves as a very useful precursor to a follow-up attack, however further hits with the Paralyzer will also disable a target’s powerplant and guns.

    2. Stats:

    • Gun/Missile Class: 10
    • Shield Damage Per Shot: 7.824
    • Hull Damage Per Shot: 195
    • Range: 2.071 m
    • Projectile Speed: 285 m/s
    • Refire Rate: 4 s
    • Turn Rate: 4.90

    3. Price:


    4. Where to buy: