Introduction to smuggling

You have just started out in Crossfire and you want to learn how to begin the career of being a smuggler. All you need to become a smuggler is a cargo ship and a Smugglers Syndicate License. Cheap small trading ships are available from the very beginning, even if you have only the starting money. Later, when your wealth rises, you can look for Freighters that are more expensive or buy even larger ships like Transports & Trains. You may use also something special like a Mining Ship.

Licenses are sold on human factions capital planets (Planet Manhattan, Planet New London, Planet New Tokyo, Planet New Berlin, Planet Crossfire and Earth), price 1 million $ per license. Before obtaining the license, you can only trade with regular commodities (included illegal vanilla commodities). It would be wise to improve first your reputation with as many NPCs factions as possible, especially criminals - most Black Market Goods are handled through them.

Useful links:

If you want be successful trader (smuggler), you should as a bare minimum explore whole Sirius sector (all bases).

And now few advices:

  • Smuggling is a business secret!
  • For smuggling start (and maybe not only) it can be a good idea to try trading some BMGs with lower prices (profit), or vanilla illegal commodities at first and not go for the highest price every time, especially if there are police (pirates) around. BMGs routes are preset and you can be easy target for experienced police or pirate.
  • Contact any smuggler clan member (Clans overview); they can help you the most in getting started in this business.
  • Learn pilot names, and other clan tags, which can be a danger to you and evade them or ask (hire) for protection.
  • If caught by officer, try negotiating/talking with your captor ... sometimes you can be lucky and save your cargo if you will pay the fine.