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    1. Planet Abadan

    Abadan is a harsh, rocky moon of narrow peaks and deep valleys once formed in volcanic upheavals that have long since stilled and grown cold. Whatever atmosphere may have once been present has evaporated into space.
    • DIAMETER: 6,472 km
    • MASS : 3.19 x 10e24 kg
    • TERRAIN: Barren
    • TEMPERATURE: -51 °C to -38°C
    • ESCAPE VELOCITY: 4.11 km/sec
    Unsettled Planet Abadan

    2. Planet Kaswin

    Kaswin is a hellish world of freezing nights and burning days, devoid of any life. Terraforming is impossible and settlement infeasible.
    • DIAMETER: 14,891 km
    • MASS: 6.22 x 10e24 kg
    • TERRAIN: Barren
    • TEMPERATURE: -69°C to 72°C
    • ESCAPE VELOCITY: 13.66 km/sec
    Unsettled Planet Kaswin

    3. Planet Kirkuk

    Kirkuk is a rocky planetoid devoid of any atmosphere. Initial surveys indicated an unusually large nickel core, but no other exploitable resources have been detected.
    • DIAMETER: 12,762 km
    • MASS: 5.87 x 10e24 kg
    • TERRAIN: Barren
    • TEMPERATURE: -87°C to -12°C
    • ESCAPE VELOCITY: 12.72 km/sec
    Unsettled Planet Kirkuk

    4. Planet Mosul

    Mosul is a small, icy, airless moon. initial surveys found no mineral or gas deposits of any size worth exploiting, while the environment was inhospitable to colonization.
    • DIAMETER: 9,348 km
    • MASS: 3.83 x 10e24 kg
    • TERRAIN: ice
    • TEMPERATURE: -88°C to -60°C
    • ESCAPE VELOCITY: 8.42 km/sec
    Unsettled Planet Mosul