Combat Video Guides


In order to learn how to fly you have to get familiar with some things like the “Thrusters”, “Engine Kill” and “Strafes”. You have to master at least these three moves in order to be good in a fight. These moves are not just for PvP(Player vs Player), but for any kind of a fight including PvE(Player vs Environment).


Flight Loadout Combat Combat Tips
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To further progress in combat you have to get familiar with things like "Engine Kill", how to evading attacks, and how to timing yours attacks.


Engine Kill Evades Attacks Assaults
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Get used to professional play styles by taking care of important game mechanics.


Rapid Fire Standing Still Brakes Gun Accuracy
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Tactics often decide the result with an enemy encounter.


Moves Rotation Defense/Offense Critical Strikes Maneuvers
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Here is just one example how to think and develop own methods when you want fight programmed AI opponents. It can be hard to fight against them, but keep in mind that they will not change and adapt tactics like will do real human opponent ... this is huge advantage, use it! Second video in this category is not exactly about combat, but it use similar approach how to beat in-game programmed opponent in race.


Killing_Ancients Hovis race in freighter
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