Sol Sector

  • The SOL Sector is on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. In the centre of this Sector there lies the Sol System, the place of origin for mankind.

    In times of the Exodus, it was SOL considered as a peripheral, isolated Sector of the Milky Way, which had just one single star System. Refugees from the Western Alliance successfully passed through the Eastern Coalition blockade and found their new home in the Sirius Sector. It was here that they not only successfully colonised numerous Systems/Regions of the Sector, but also over the centuries significantly increased their technical and technological knowledge. However, at the same time, the historical knowledge of the way back to the Sol System was lost. Humans colonists belonging to the Sirius Sector were also unaware of what had happened in the SOL Sector only a short time after their departure, and therefore the Nomad threat was totally unknown to them. However, the Nomads were revealed during the what is known as the "First Nomadic War", and despite their secretly executed attacks and technological advantage, they lost the War..

    The Nomads lost the first War, but were programmed by their Masters, the Dom'Kavash, to never surrender. They were also able to evolve and get stronger to be able to face stronger enemies. Consequently, only a few years later, was launched a new attack against the humans settlers in the Sirius Sector, which is known as the "Second Nomadic War". This however lacked the important element of total surprise and ended for the Nomads with another even bigger defeat. During this second War, the very important "junction" System X-3043, was found and conquered, and through it was opened the connection to the Nephele System with its wreck of the Sleepership "Stalin" from the Eastern Coalition. Data found in the Stalin's navigational computer led first to the Dublin System and then to the Hyperion System with its Warp anomaly, which was for a long time the forgotten way back to the Sol System. The SOL Sector was now no longer isolated, and it still had only one known single star System.

    The Sol System was first freed from the Nomads and then resettled. During this process, a chain of unexpected events occurred, leading to the discovery of another inter-sector connection to the Altair Sector. Explorers sent into the Altair Sector soon revealed (among other things), what exactly happened with the "old" Eastern Coalition. Concurrently with this, intensive exploration of the Sol System continued, which again brought something very unexpected: in the outer edge of the asteroid belt was found a new Jump Hole ......

    Note: first reveal of the jumphole located in the Sol system is described here: Crossfire Short Stories Part XVII: New discoveries in the Sol system?

    With the Lost Fleet update (link) in 07/2019, there is now much more for exploration in this Sector!