Planet Lost Paradise

  • Unique Crossfire planetary system. Surface of planet Lost Paradise.

    1. Description

    This planet was found by small group of Rheinland refugees who proceeded to build here a self-sufficient colony. The colony was for a long time cut off from rest of Sirius due to the return of Nomads to the system. While searching for a safe way out, settlers were able to successfully infiltrate a unfinished weapon facility built by the Nomads called Deva Station and located in the southern part of the system. It was here that they were able to acquire samples of special long-range weaponry; but unfortunately, it was this that revealed their own settlement to the Nomads. It was a matter of luck that shortly after that a Rheinland patrol, while pursuing a Nomad wing, found the small settlement. The Order then decided to keep here a small independent agent with a watching brief and it was him, who asked for help when Nomads sent a wing of bombers to destroy what they call "a nest of thieves".

    Later, when the immediate threat was neutralised, the Order started archaeological research of the local ruins. It seems like these ruins have a connection to Dom'Kavash, and they are so far the largest ruins found in the whole of Sirius space. However, local facilities were inadequate for this task, and therefore a "field" workshop station was built which also enables and supports change of equipment on ships docked at the local landing pad.

    2. Special

    • Landing Pad (dockable)

    3. Jump Ring

    4. Images

    Landing Pad
    Archeological Site
    Trees and Ruins
    Mining Platforms


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  • You forgot the floating dead tree