• Along with Octolings, Inklings are often mistaken by humanity as an evolved strain of Nomads.

    "We're not like those worms! Granted, we're both without backbones, but unlike those 'Nomads', we have individual consciouses. We can make choices, like you; and we're able to learn, like you. . ." -Cdr. Sigma Skye

    Inklings are the iconic characters of the Nintendo Wii U Game, Splatoon. How they managed to find their way into Sirius, is unknown, but it is possible a Hypergate was involved. One of the most significant of these squid-kids, was The Order's Inkling representative, Cdr. Sigma Skye. He was the first dispel the rumor of Inklings and Octolings being an evolved strain of Nomad. Though all three races are invertebrates, Inklings and Octolings are able to make decisions on their own, Sigma confirmed that as he helped The Order in several Nomad raids, whether he is the only significant Inkling in Sirius' history, remains to be seen.