Holoprojector Yamato

  • Hologram projector


    1. Info-card

    This Holoprojector creates low gravimetric impulses that can, in combination with a network of high energy lasers, form a hologram around a ship. This technology is used to spread wrong information and lets small fleets look even more dangerous. Disadvantage of this technology is that it does use extremely high amounts of energy (functional only on ships with ''unlimited power'' like are trains, liners, battleships, cruisers etc.'') History: (Starlancer) The ANS Yamato was Class 1 Carrier commissioned by the Alliance strategic defense agency in 2159. This Japanese ship, commanded by Cmdr.Yoshinobu Mukai was strongest that the Alliance had. Technical details: Mass 88.000 tons, Ion Drive, Armament heavy, Crew 587, Spacecrafts on-board 40-55, Regular fighter squadron - Ronin.

    2. Stats:

    • Class: 8
    • Shield Capacity: 0
    • Regeneration Rate: 0
    • Regen Power Drain: 1000
    Holoprojector Yamato

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