Coalition Rogues

  • Coalition Rouges are criminals of Coalition origin.


    It is unknown what motivations of Rouges are. They can be separatists, political or religious extremists, nazists, common criminals, dissidents, whoever else and/or all of the above. All that is known is that they will attack any Coalition object on sight. They use current Coalition situation with Nomads and Dom'Kavash to fight off some living space and time, albeit should Coalition fall, it would be them to be a next target to the spearhead of alien assault.

    Their fighters are identical to Coalition ones. They don't have capital ships, albeit render of Coalition Rouges Juggernaut for Crossfire 2.0 was seen, implying that faction will receive their own big ships. They are often encountered throughout New Mekka, Er Riad, Meschhed, New Hongkong, New Beijing, Guangdong and Kalinin systems, also they appear at Planet Murmansk and Borodin Space Station in Sovetskaya. They are extremely dangerous as they, among other equipment, carry five Coalition Gatlings. They also can be met in significant numbers, only most experienced pilots can survive this if they are hostile to Rouges.

    2. TYPE

    Coalition Criminals

    3. HQ

    Chkalovsk Rogue Base - New Beijing


    • Particle weapons (strong vs. Graviton, weak vs. Molecular)
    • Positron shields

    5. SHIPS

    • Identical to the Coalition except for capital and non-combat ships.

    6. ALLIES

    • none

    7. ENEMIES

    8. BASES

    Achinsk Station Guangdong
    Chkalovsk Rogue Base New Beijing
    Sretensk Hideout New Hongkong

    9. FACTS

    • Description of Achinsk Station says that some of Coalition Rouges are viewed as civilists. It is a partial proof that there are political dissidents and refugees among Rouges.
    • [1]We barely have any canon lore information about both Coalition or Coalition Rouges.