Affiliation basic info

What is the Affiliation? The Affiliation is a kind of link between the player and one of the Crossfire NPCs factions. This link can be seen in 2 ways:

  • Other players will see the name of a faction that you are affiliated with in space before your name (not on radar), some players may call this "tag".
  • In your factions list (usually viewed with F8) you will see the affiliated faction with (mostly) the best reputation brightly blinking.

Most important for you to know is the fact, that a players affiliation doesn't have any direct impact to Crossfire Roleplay:

WARNING: Situation when you see another player as "RED" on your radar is not a reason to attack him (or expect attack), Crossfire RP works differently in this regard!

On the other side a player may like to have the "right" affiliation before his character name for some reasons, for example a mercenary may like to be affiliated with the Bounty Hunters Guild. Below posted information can help players with achieving their goals in these endeavors.

How to get/lose Affiliation

Players are first affiliated to a faction which in their character's reputation/factions list are at first made as the highest (Top1). Sounds easy right? ... well, could be, but only on first sight. Under normal circumstances is relatively easy to make your character(s) affiliated to most of Crossfire factions early in game after you have created your character(s). To achieve this you should avoid taking bribes (maybe except for the Junkers-bribe which will help with easier travel through Sirius) and later go on to increase your reputation with the faction with which you want to be affiliated (you may find useful detailed Reputation Guides). Are 6 ways how to achieve this:

  • bribing your favorite faction,
  • accepting and fulfilling missions for them,
  • accepting and fulfilling missions for the allies of your faction,
  • killing ships of the enemies of your faction,
  • accepting and immediately declining missions for the enemies,
  • shooting the depots of the enemies.

You must continue with one or a mixture of these steps, until you see your faction as TOP2 or at least until its reputation is maximized (if you don't see it in the list, check info given in next section. To bring your favorite faction to TOP1, you will have to decrease your reputation with the current TOP1. Here are also 6 ways how to achieve this:

  • killing several ships of faction TOP1,
  • shooting their depots,
  • accepting and immediately declining missions for them,
  • killing those NPC-factions that are allies of TOP1,
  • bribing the enemies of TOP1,
  • taking missions for the enemies of TOP1.

You have to lower your reputation with them --> From +9 to +3(4) bars should be enough and then you will see a system message that you lost your affiliation and gained a "new" one (which will be "new" TOP1 at this moment) - you may also try dock/undock to initiate change. After this you will have your chosen affiliation as long as you keep your character's reputation with this faction in a range from +5 (could be less, but it is risky) to +9. This simple guide works for most cases. However, there are some special cases when this way will not work and one specific risk that your char may get affiliated with a "hidden" faction. More details about this can be found in next section below. Another difficulty you will find if your faction is allied with the current TOP1. In this case its reputation will decrease too, when you use the methods mentioned above. Therefore you will have to find the right mixture of the steps and especially the right mixture of NPC-factions which you shoot/bribe etc.. To get more info you should have a look at the article "Faction Empathy Tutorial ".

Advantages & Less known Facts

Visibility in player reputation/faction list: Common knowledge is, that If you want to have a specific faction in your characters reputation/factions list visible, you have to meet at least one NPC from that faction (also these with which you talked in bases bars). Less known is the fact, that the same happens when you meet a player affiliated with this faction. Making a bribe for a faction will not make this faction appear in your reputation/factions list. Affiliation change can/will happen regardless of visible factions which are in your list (i.e. you make bribe to The Order which you have not met yet and it becomes TOP2, then you lower your actual TOP1 and you will get affiliated with The Order without even having this faction listed yet).

  • Radar "color": Friendly affiliated players are displayed in GREEN. Neutral affiliated players are displayed in WHITE. Hostile affiliated players are displayed in RED.
  • Formation: Friendly affiliated players can enter in formation. Neutral affiliated players can enter formation when they are in one group. Hostile affiliated players can not enter in formation at all (they need at least one other player who is at least neutrally affiliated to them and make formation with him).
  • Friendly fire (fighting NPCs): in hot battles it's very easy to target other players if their affiliation is hostile to yours. This happens often due to the simple fact that if you press key for nearest enemy, and he is close to you, you will choose/mark him as a "target". This unpleasant mistake can also happen in situations when you are in one group.
  • Player defense: This specific case will apply when you are friendly (green) with Dom'Kavash and you will be attacked by Nomads. If will be in this situation present Dom'Kavash, they will defend you and attack Nomads.
  • Cargo scanning: Friendly affiliated factions tends to scan your cargo much less as these which are almost hostile.

Hidden Factions

In the Crossfire mod there exist a few so called "hidden" factions. They are not shown in the players reputation/faction list and were created mainly for the Crossfire Campaign (Note: separate SP and MP in this regard require full characters wipe in MP ... ). In the majority of cases when playing multi-player there won't be any problem with them, but to every "rule" there exists an exception (Murphy's Law). One visible example you can see in Tohoku, where you may see Tekagi's Base in "RED" even if you are allied with Kusari Naval Forces who should be this base owners ... but there the owner is a "hidden" faction with the same name and this is the reason for the "wrong" color and with this also the unfriendly approach of the bases equipment and ship dealer. But this is only a tiny issue that doesn't cause bigger problems. Problems may happen, when player will want to get "affiliation" with certain CF faction. If a player want avoid problems when doing so, he needs to follow the below posted two "rules":

  • Every time when player will want change actual affiliation with some faction, some other faction (from factions list) must be maxed.
  • Player need to kill maximum of 4 Ancient Drones in Dervon system (explanation below).

How you can be sure that is not your character affiliated with hidden faction? ... use F8 and look on factions list. If you have on bottom flickering faction name (which is displayed in space before your char name) then you are not affiliated with the hidden faction.

Hidden GMG Faction

This faction is "Owner" of the secret GMG base located in Omega-3, the ION canons guarding this base, and the close by Hypergate. To be able safely reach this base and enter the Inner Core Sector through the Hypergate, you will need as first visit Dervon system and there kill a few Ancient Drones ... 4 is enough and safe. Problem will happen when you kill more Drones (5 or more) and will want AFTER that change your affiliation ... in this case your character will get "Hidden GMG" "Aff", you will not see any "blinking" faction list, and there DOESN'T EXIST a way how to change this. If you will still want to have other affiliation on your character and will want keep PvP statistics, then is only thing you can do (you may thx to denne for finding out this):

Quote from denne

I deleted the GMG-affiliated char and a minute later I made a new char with the same name. OK, I have to start mapping now again, but at least I kept the frags (PvP-statistics) and have a nice reminder to good old times with nice fights and can so get the affiliation I want.

Affilitation with CF special Factions

Here are guides on how to get affiliated with some special Crossfire factions:

  • Coalition - Bribe Coalition on Earth. You can do this twice there in the bar, but only once is necessary. This should boost your reputation with Coalition to a very high level, even if you might not see this, when they are still invisible in your reputation list. In this case visit Altair after the bribe. Now you will see them and have to kick all factions from TOP1, with the various methods mentioned above, until you get your Coalition-affiliation.
  • Coalition Rogues - You can bribe Coalition Rogues in one of their stations, for example in Guangdong. When you reach their station you will surely have them in your reputation-list. Usually they are not on maximum. This you can gain by killing a few Coalition ships. And no worries, the Coalition will be still neutral to you. Now you have to kick all factions from TOP1 (using ways mentioned earlier), until you get your Coalition Rogues-affiliation.
  • The Order - Bribe The Order in Wheel of Sirius (Pusin Dock). This should boost your reputation with The Order to a very high level, even if you might not see this, when they are still invisible in your reputation list. In this case visit Utopia or Sol and look for Order ships. Now you will see them and you have to kick all other factions from TOP1, with the various methods mentioned above, until you get your Order-affiliation.
  • Ancients - The Ancients-affiliation is one of the hardest to get. The easiest way is to start with killing Dom'Kavash gunboats in the Altair Sector. Good place is Vorkuta System (see also Event - Dom'Kavash Hunt). But before you leave for Altair Sector, it's a good idea to visit first the Dervon System and get Ancients visible on your reputation-list. Is not needed killing Ancients! You will need to kill 80 Dom'Kavash (at least if you didn't kill any Ancients before, otherwise you must kill more Dom'Kavash). This makes their enemies, the Ancients, so happy about you, that they get to rank TOP2. After that you have to kick all factions from TOP1, with the various methods mentioned above, until you get your Ancients-affiliation.

    The biggest disadvantage is, that without killing Ancient Drones you cannot enter the Inner Core Sector through the gate in Omega-3, instead you need to travel to the Altair Sector and search for another point-of-entry in New Hongkong. It is interesting that you only need to kill 2 Ancients to make them hostile again. Another fact is, that nearly all players will see you as hostile (except these which have killed more Dom'Kavash or Nomads), since Ancients are naturally hostile to all factions.

  • Dom'Kavash - To boost your reputation with Dom'Kavash you must kill Ancients in Dervon (see also Event - Ancient Hunt). It is recommended to visit a system with Dom'Kavash before, to get them in your factions list. Once you can see them there, start killing Ancients but be aware of the hidden GMG reputation issue. This means you kill only as many Ancients needed until Dom'Kavash are nearly maxed. (And btw.: if you are in a group you will need to kill more than if you kill them alone.) After that you have to kick all factions from TOP1, with the various methods mentioned above, until you get your Dom'Kavash affiliation.

    Note: since Nomads were created by the Dom'Kavash it is not a good idea to kill many of them, because this will decrease your reputation with Dom'Kavash. Many players lost their Dom'Kavash affiliation due killing too many Nomads and suddenly had the hidden GMG-factions-tag.

  • ASF - To achieve the ASF affiliation you will have to bribe ASF. Just killing CSF ships will not push your reputation with ASF to a high level. One place for a possible bribe is the bar at Neutro Station. Once you bribed them, you have to kick all factions from TOP1, until you get your ASF affiliation.
  • CSF - Check the bar on Planet Tobruk in the Neophobos System for CSF bribe.

    Note: ASF and CSF have their own stations in X-3043, but there is not offered "needed" bribe!

  • Dooms faction in the Inner Core Sector (Guide by denne) - With Crossfire 2.0 it became possible to maximize your reputation and therefore gain an affiliation with the hostile Inner-Core-Aliens (we call them Dooms). There are 2 ways, how you can maximize your reputation with the "Dooms":
    • Kill Dom'Kavash (DK). The amount of killed DK is of course depending on your actual reputation with the Dooms. Normally your reputation with them is -70 points (= 7 bars on the left side). To raise the reputation about 10 points (= 1 bar), you need to kill 300 DK. And since the maximum reputation is +90 points, you will have to kill ([9 bars - (-7 bars)] × 300 =) 4.800 DK. A lot of work, but can be fun especially when you participate in events like "Advanced Dom Kavash Hunt". The best place for killing DK is Hieron, there is an adequate spawn rate of them. To know how your actual reputation with the Dooms is, you should visit their systems through the Coalition hypergate in New Hongkong.
    • Shoot depots in Dom'Kavash-systems. And this is how it works: a. Go to Dervon and shoot 1 Ancient drone to get access to Inner Core through the Hypergate in Omega 3b. Visit the Dooms-systems where your wanted affiliation is to get them in your reputation list. In the beginning the reputation of all Dooms is equal. It is a very good idea to kill some of the Dooms with whom you don't want to be affiliated with.c. Go to Weth and start shooting DK-depots. You can find 8 of them in Weth and 50 more in the other DK-systems (maybe you should explore them all before you start shooting them). One depot has 6 pink container. To raise your reputation with Dooms about 10 points (= 1 bar), you need to shoot 100 containers (= 17 depots). And since the maximum reputation is +90 points, you will have to shoot ([9 bars - (-7 bars)] × 100 =) 1.600 containers (= 267 depots). As written above, there are 58 depots and this means, you will have to stay there at least for 5 days, since you must wait for a server-restart once you shot them all.

      But be aware: once you shoot the depots of DK, they will be hostile with you and you will have a hard time. When they are hostile with you and you docked at one of their stations, it is nearly impossible to get out of DK-space since the only exit-hypergate is guarded by a very powerful defence station that can kill you in a distance of more than 5 k. So it is a good idea do not dock in DK-space at all. When they kill you, you will respawn in Sirius again. If you didn't finish, you must repeat with a visit of Dervon, kill 1 Ancient drone and you can go to Inner Core Sector again. After you have maxed your reputation with the Dom you want to be affiliated with, you can kick your actual Top1-reputation to loose its affiliation. And if you didn't kill more than 4 Ancient-Drones, you will surely get the wanted Doms-affiliation.

Factions without affiliation possibility

And here is a list of factions with which you never will be able to be affiliated (short list indeed :) ) :