• Crossfire System in Sirius Sector. In Crossfire MP it is home for Crossfire Clan BG - Blood Guard.



Comments 1

  • Entering this system After mission 1 is HIGHLY Ill-advised unless the RNG works in your favour; you can do this from Mission 1 to get some Very Good early Trade (Dromedary Too) if the Live trade network is good.

    you can easily Have a Sabre by Mission 2 and some descent gear if you mill here for ~30 mins to 1Hr which will give enough for Said Ship - Wyrm Type 2 & Kraken type 2 which all the way till Coalition weapons are the most powerful.

    If you want to push further, stay and trade with the Dromedary for about 2.5 Hours (ignore the constant pings of the Mission Objective) and before accepting M2 (The Hunt for Ashcroft) you can go to Detroit in New York & get the Power Generator MK IV from Detroit Munitions


    Upon entering Custodian you WILL be met with a Minefield Behind you, look for the flashing Buoys and follow them around (facing the CENTRAL sun go Starboard (Left) Direction) to safely get to Neutro Station & the X-3043 Gate (SEALED at this time)