Revelation Mine Dropper

  • The replacement for the Dual Mine producing a far more powerful explosion.

    1. Description

    Revelation Mine Dropper: The Revelation Mine Dropper is the succeeding model of the Dual Mine Dropper. The previously separated explosive charges of the original mines are now put into two chambers of a single capsule, which will crack upon impact with the target. The resulting explosion is due to the higher compression rate and the close distances between the two chambers creating a more powerful explosion than with previous versions of this mine type. Dual Mine types are getting completely replaced by this new technology.

    2. Ammunition

    Revelation Mine:

    This is the best mine available on the market.

    • Hull Damage Per Shot: 2.556
    • Shield Damage Per Shot: 5.112
    • Top Speed: 120 m/s
    • Explosive Range: 16 m
    • Cost: $8.229

    3. Additional Informations