Cloaking Device

  • Special equipment which can make your ship invisible for a certain amount of time.

    This device does exactly what its name implies, it makes your ship invisible for thirty seconds. Your ship still physically exists, but is not visible and is not shown on the scanner! After the device has been used, it needs 600 seconds to cool down. Purpose for this device is to offer a tactical advantage, but can't assure invulnerability! You should also know a few things about this device:

    • To assemble this device it is required to have three unequipped special parts (Cloaking Device Reflector, Cloaking Device Crystal and Cloaking Device Components) and more than 100M credits on your character (ship). Cloaking device parts weren't developed by humans and can't be found in human controlled Crossfire Universe Sectors.
    • Each device part costs 50 M credits.
    • Assembling is done AUTOMATICALLY if the conditions above are met and you dock to a base and undock!
    • Once assembled, the device becomes an integral part of your actual ship and CAN'T BE REMOVED OR TRANSFERRED!!! If you sell your ship or buy another one, you will loose the cloaking device.
    • To use the cloaking device you need at least have red crystals on your ship when they will be stored as ammunition (max 50 pieces) and each crystal will take 1 cargo space!

      Red Crystals can be obtained only from mining in red asteroid fields. All those fields (five in total) aren't in human controlled Crossfire Universe Sectors.
    • Any ship that is equipped with a cloaking device does use the "uncloak effect" each time when you un-dock from a base/planet, leave a jump gate/hole, and when another player comes into your ships scanner range (he will see uncloak effect). This effect doesn't use any of the red crystals in your ship ammunition.

    Commands list: HERE.

    Note: will be updated with 2.0 release (some interesting changes were done)

    All Red Crystals from 1.9 which was used for cloaking device are now OBSOLETE!

    New Red Crystals are on ships stored as ammunition and each ship can carry max 50 crystals! Each Red Crystal will take 1 from your ship cargo-space. Crystals needed for one-time cloak depends about ships class (ex.: VHF need 10, BS 25)