Crossfire Chapter 1 - Mission 15

  • "New Threat"

    1. Crossfire Chapter 1

    Pilot note: Mission 15 begins with a new Crossfire 1.9 cut scene when you meet Orillion and King in the bar at Planet New Berlin. After meeting Orillion and King at the bar you will be awarded $2,000,000 credits for completing mission 14.

    2. Crossfire Mission 15: New Threat

    Mission Brief:

    • Orillion “How are you Trent?”
    • Trent: “Fine, but why am I here?”
    • Orillion: “We have a problem, the nomads are back and attacking Sirius. We have got reports from Kusari, Bretonia and Liberty systems where Nomad ships have been sighted, and up to now we could not explain how they managed to get that deep into our space.”
    • Trent: “Add Rheinland to that list. On my way to New Berlin I got attacked two times, the second one was even attended by a Nomad Battleship.”
    • Orillion: “The situation appears to be worse than I thought.”
    • Trent: “Probably, but which role do I play here?”
    • Orillion: “A Rheinland explorer found a hidden Nomad jumpgate in Omicron Alpha. We suspect heavy Nomad forces behind that gate. Maybe all Nomad activities in Sirius have their origin there. The houses meanwhile have sent their fleets to conquer the X-3043 system which lies behind the gate but we expect heavy resistance. The operation is led by the Osiris.”
    • Trent: “What are you doing here then?”
    • Orillion: “Juni is currently commanding the Osiris. That is why you are here and that is why you and King will make sure that she will return in one piece”


    I’ve met Orillion and King at New Berlin and they told me about a Nomads Invasion in Sirius. They believe this attack comes from a newly discovered system that is named X-3043 on our star maps. Actually none of my business anymore but that system is under attack now and Juni is leading that attack. I have no other choice than to run into new troubles again.


    OBJECTIVE: Orillion told me about a newly discovered Nomad system which is right now being attacked by military forces. Juni took the Osiris to that system and commands the first direct assault. Fly to Omicron Alpha where the newly discovered Nomad gate is hidden in a dense nebula.

    DIFFICULTY: The travel is easy but what’s on the other side of the gate?

    REWARD: $2,000,000 and access to new systems.

    Crossfire mission 15 begins by leaving Planet New Berlin to rendezvous with King in space. King will be your escort during this mission. King tells you it’s time to get moving. You will follow the way points starting at the tradelane from Planet New Berlin heading to the Frankfurt Jump Gate. Jumping to Frankfurt is an easy voyage and you will then continue to follow the waypoints. Frankfurt is an interesting system and probably worth docking at several stations to look for interesting equipment upgrades. The way points will lead you from the New Berlin Jump Gate to Mannheim Station near Planet Munich and then towards Mainz Storage Facility next to Planet Stulingen. As you look around from here you can see Planet Holstein and the Westerwald nebula. The waypoints will lead you on towards the Sigma-13 Jump Gate, just beyond Fulda Border Station passing the Taunusfeld asteroid field, home of the Bundschuh rebels at Bruchsal Base. Entering the Sigma-13 your view will be diminished by the pale green gases of the Sigma-13 Crow nebula. You will follow the waypoints from the Frankfurt Jump Gate towards Helgoland Station (where you may be interested in talking to the equipment dealer!) and then go towards the Gas Miner Naha. At this point, the path departs from the tradelanes and you will head to the Sigma-19 Jump Hole. Be mindful of the volatile gas field as you voyage here to avoid extra damage to your ship. You enter Sigma-19 in the Hiryu Cloud and will follow the waypoint past the Gas Mining Guild (GMG) base of Gas Miner Ogashawa and into the Donryu Cloud where the Omicron Beta Jump Hole is located. You make the jump to the Omicron Beta system which is dominated by the Omicron Beta Edge Nebula. Follow the waypoint past the Outcast base (Ruiz Base) to the Omicron Alpha Jump Hole and make the jump to the Omicron Alpha. You enter Omicron Alpha in the Siniestre Cloud nebula and will follow the way point towards the Nomad Jump Gate, X-3043. On your way there you will pass an Unknown Jump Hole and Planet Carinea. Make sure to keep King in range as you make the trip or he will complain that you are getting too far away. As you approach the X-3043 Jump Gate, the Battleship Osiris will waiting and King tells you to meet up with Juni there and your ship will autodock with the Osiris. This ends Crossfire mission 15.