• Kusari Scavengers.


    The Hogosha are a quasi-legal criminal organization that ostensibly exists to promote the "welfare and prosperity of the Kusari people".

    2. HISTORY

    Hogosha translates literally as "guardian" or "protector," reflecting the organization's rather romantic view held not only by its own members, but by a large portion of the Kusari population.-- though by no means the majority. Far from protectors, the Hogosha are actually descendants of the organized crime syndicates that grow within the shadow of any sizable human society -- though the Hogosha have an oddly symbiotic relationship with both the government and Samura.

    Their political connections would make any serious attempt to dismantle them an embarrassment to Kusari as any number of secrets and deals that had been kept out of the public eye came to light. However, neither do the Hogosha have a free license to operate. Arrests of low-level Hogosha operators who flaunt their activities are frequent and help keep up appearances -- very important in Kusari. "Hard" crime, such as drug smuggling, is not tolerated.

    Individual opinions vary, but most police consider the Hogosha a necessary evil required for the smooth functioning of Kusari society. The government simply treats the Hogosha like any other large keiretsu. The Kusari population as a whole has a similar attitude: it is pointless to like or dislike the Hogosha; they are simply a fact of life.

    The Hogosha handle Artifacts and gun smuggling and the fencing of stolen goods. They also do occasional dirty work for Samura. They view the Blood Dragons as a major threat to their existence and have engaged in turf wars with them, mostly in the asteroid fields of Tokyo. The Golden Chrysanthemums are a new problem, as they have few qualms about dealing in the drug trade or its consequences. Since they have no corruptible leaders or long associations with Samura or the Kusari government and police, The GC (Golden Chrysanthemums) -- like the Blood Dragons -- are dangerous to the Hogosha way of life. They view the Junkers as their only real competitors within the Sirius Sector, and their only obstacle to expansion into the other Houses. They have approached the Corsairs to assist them in their plan, although no concrete steps have been taken.

    The Hogosha made a recent arrangement to purchase Artifacts directly from the Corsairs on the cruise ship Hawaii, a move that infuriated the GMG, who formerly served as the middleman between the two crime syndicates. It also raised the ire of the LSF, who applied pressure on Orbital Spa to deny landing privileges to the two factions.

    3. TYPE

    Kusari Scavengers

    4. HQ

    Kabukicho Depot, New Tokyo


    • Plasma weapons (strong vs. Graviton, weak vs. Molecular)
    • Molecular shields


    • none

    7. ENEMIES

    8. BASES

    Kabukicho Depot New Tokyo
    Karun Shipyard Regalis
    Jade Outpost Regalis