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    Earlier this week I mentioned that it was everyone's last chance to get discounted Wing Commander until the next GOG sale. And that next sale is here! The summer sale may be over, but the new Forever Great promo is ready to serve you cheap WC games. The details are pretty similar to last time with most titles marked down 50% to $2.99 each. Armada and Academy are boosted slightly to 66% off. Curiously, Privateer 2 is not part of the sale. It's almost always included along with the rest of the Wing Commander series, so I'll assume it was a simple oversight this time rather than some kind of intentional burn. Strike Commander is also omitted, but that's not uncommon.


    A lot of retro and classic games are being lost to time. Our main goal is to preserve them, make them available for modern computers. Check out our discounted collection of Forever Great games.
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    Last week we shared a fun assortment of European Hit Squad releases from Dennis Mull's collection. Now Conservatoire national du jeu vidéo or the French National Video Game Conservatory has posted an unusual triple-translation copy of WC1 that has English, French and Italian all in one. It's always fun to learn about a new version of Wing Commander! This is part of a delightful larger thread on the history of multilingual game packaging.

    LOAF: Part of a fascinating thread on multi-language game boxes. English-French-Italian as on this Hit Squad copy of Wing Commander I is an unusual grouping!


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    What happens when you dig really deep for Wing Commander stuff to share? You find some wild gems like these! Turn the clock back 20+ years for a time capsule of WC fan art that raeder made back in the 2003-2005 era. Apparently these were created in an old school program called Bryce. I would say the Galaxy model is actually very good for the time and it's mostly the textures that would benefit from a little more consistency. Of course, the background art and flame effects are pretty dated, but they still have a certain vintage charm!


    Over a decade has passed since these ships first ran the starlanes of the Gemini Sector, and the improvements just keep coming. New B&S scanners, cannon and turret mounts, improvements in storage capacity, heavier generator mounts, and room for improved counter-tronic equipment has fast made them popular among the freighting community. While they will never be a true
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