Planet Sarum

  • A large gas giant.
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    1 Description

    [align=justify]A large gas giant composed mostly of ice crystals. Deep sonar surveys have shown the presence of rare gases in vast frozen fields; however, they are located kilometers beneath the planet's surface making them impossible to collect. The [lexicon]Cardiff Mining Facility[/lexicon] orbits the planet, collecting [lexicon]beryllium[/lexicon] from nearby asteroid fields. [/align]

    2 Stats

    [list][*]DIAMETER: 28,312 km [*]MASS: 9.92 x 10e24 kg [*]TERRAIN: N/A [*]TEMPERATURE: N/A [*]ESCAPE VELOCITY: 15.46 km/sec [*]SYSTEM: [lexicon]Cambridge[/lexicon] [/list] [line][/line]

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