TRAJECTORIES 18053310

    ## Commander's Report - Cmdr Swarthos, Destrukiton

    **Date:** 18053310.00 **Time:** 15:44 UTC

    **Subject:** Incident Report: Planet Hyuedau PP-F d11-2 & Bounty of Discovery

    This report pertains to the recent incident involving my Fleet Carrier, Destrukiton, and the survey mission on planet Hyuedau PP-F d11-2.

    The initial jump into the system was routine, but the unforgiving gravitational pull of the planet Hyuedau PP-F d11-2 caused significant course deviation. The autopilot attempted to correct, but the force was too strong. The resulting impact, though minimal, resulted in minor damage to the starboard dorsal thruster. Thankfully, the repairs were swift, executed within 24 hours.

    Despite the initial setback, the planet Hyuedau proved to be a treasure trove of discovery. Upon conducting scans, I detected the presence of five distinct biological varieties, previously unknown to the galactic database. I secured samples of each species, culminating in a lucrative deal with

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