Let's Play Freelancer Crossfire: Mission 5

    WARNING: People participating in the drinking game "whenever something explodes near Edison Trent, take a shot" are strongly encouraged to overthink their life choices and at least downgrade it to a sip.


    So, we stopped Intermission 4 on our way to Planet Cambridge. To start Mission 5, land on Planet Cambridge and go to the Bar. The cutscene will start automatically.


    Trent: Hey.

    Trent walks up to Juni

    Juni: I was wondering when you'd show.

    (Yeah, riiiight. It took almost 10 months.)

    Trent: Did you find Quintane?

    Juni: That's the thing. The good doctor has just disappeared.

    Trent: You mean like the others?

    Juni: No, not like them. This one left a trail. But I need your help, Trent. Are you with me?


    It's kinda funny how we still rely on the LSF intel for difficulty. Even considering that LSF intel has somehow missed Rheinland ships back in Mission 3.

    "Accept" clicked

    Trent: taht's why I'm here. Count me in.

    Juni: Good. What do you know about xenoarcheology?

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