Crossfire Chapter 1 - Mission 16

  • Crossfire Chapter 1 - Mission 16 - Battle of X-3043

    1. Crossfire Chapter 1

    Pilot note: Mission 16 begins with a new Crossfire 1.9 cut scene as you meet Juni on the Osiris and get briefed about how the battle in X-3043 has progressed. The Osiris takes you to the X-3043 system where you will try and help win the battle against the Nomads.

    2. Crossfire Mission 16: Battle of X-3043

    Mission Brief:

    The mission briefing that Juni gave me did not sound good. Behind that gate a giant Nomad fleet was already waiting for our arrival.

    Six of our battleships didn’t even make it through the first hour of fights. Altogether 15 of our battleships, 31 destroyers and countless gunboats got destroyed meanwhile. The majority of the fighter wings was lost. Even the Osiris had to back out of the battle for necessary repairs.

    Even though we were able to secure a wider area around the Nomad gate on the other side and destroy many of their ships we have problems reaching the nearby planets which probably contain a Nomad colony.

    The Rheinland and Bretonian fleets have tried to ambush Nomad battleships in that area but ran into heavy resistance. The Liberty fleet is guarding the Jump Gate and therefore our only secure escape point. Kusari…well, the entire Kusari fleet is probably lost. They were chasing a large Nomad battlegroup and suddenly we have lost every contact to them. This is just a disaster.


    Juni told me that the attack on the Nomads is not going well. The battle has been raging for several days now and the Osiris took heavy damage leading the last wave. Juni had to back out of the battle to perform emergency repairs in Omicron Alpha. We jump back into the war zone in two hours.

    Quote from NEURAL NET LOG-EDISON TRENT-Mission 16:

    OBJECTIVE: The assault on the Nomad system has been raging for several days now. Our fleets failed to gain much ground. Maybe you can make the difference.

    Difficulty: Bring it on!

    REWARD: $2,000,000 and access to new systems.

    Crossfire Mission 16 begins two hours after you meet Juni on the Osiris in Omicron Alpha. The Osiris takes you through the Nomad Gate where you will undock from the Osiris in X-3043. When you undock from the Osiris you will be joined by Juni, King and the rest of the Alpha, Beta and Delta Team Squadrons and will fly towards the waypoint where Beta 4 was attacked. Be prepared, you will soon be entering the ongoing battle. As you approach an unknown Nomad planet it’s time to join the fight and destroy the Nomads. The Nomad battle group consists of Interceptor fighter wings and battleships. After you destroy the first group of Nomads, a second fleet of battleships and fighters appears and you must continue to destroy the Nomads. When you finish killing the Nomad ships, King exclaims “We made it! The Nomad ships got destroyed. The battle is over!” Just then sensors detect a large energy source on the Nomad planet and the output is increasing rapidly. The planet is going to explode!!! Now you must fly to the Osiris and dock. You have two minutes to make it to the safety of the Osiris. Docking with the Osiris ends Crossfire Mission 16 and Crossfire Chapter 1.