• Moon orbiting Planet Falum


    • Diameter: 3456.4 km
    • Mass: 2.434 x 10e24 kg
    • Terrain: terrestrial
    • Temperature: -57o/51oC
    • Escape Velocity: 8.36 km/sec
    • Location: Loret
    • Note: Dockable ONLY during one mission in CF 2.0 SP !!!

    Rotating on a stable orbit around the planet Falum, Taslunt has Earth_like conditions and is clearly inhabited by the Dom'Kavash, as indicated by the lights on it's surface. However, those said lights don't cover much of the planet's surface and are primarily located near the seas and oceans. The purpose of the Taslunt settlement is unknown as landing is prohibited and the moon has none of the docking equipment like docking rings or mooring fixtures, but it may be either a mining or recreational settlement.