Planet Gaia

  • Tropical paradise with restricted access.

    1. Description

    Gaia is a tropical paradise -- a rich, green world of plants and animals -- the likes of which have not been found anywhere else in the Sirius Sector. Until its potential treasure trove of genetic material can be better understood, however, Gaia has been placed under the control of the Cambridge_Research_Institute. Aside from a very limited number of tourist visas, only Institute researchers are allowed on the planet. Unfortunately, poaching has become prevalent. Rumors of the aphrodisiac qualities of certain animals has generated a tremendous demand among those who can afford to pay for the privilege of sampling.

    2. Stats

    • SYSTEM: Edinburgh
    • DIAMETER: 12,515 km
    • MASS: 5.96 x 10e24 kg
    • TERRAIN: Terrestrial
    • TEMPERATURE: -34°C to 52°C
    • ESCAPE VELOCITY: 11 .01 km/sec