Crossfire Chapter 1 - Mission 14

  • "An old Friend"

    Crossfire Chapter 1

    Pilot note: It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 years already since I last roamed the universe with Juni, King, Orillion and the rest of the Order and defeating those Nomads. Receiving the Lonestar medal of Bravery was quite an honor and it seems $10,000,000 credits made it to my account, not to mention the fact that all my previous transgressions have been deleted from my official record. It truly was the adventure of a lifetime!! While I have been the “eyes and ears” for the Order in Liberty, things have been so quiet. I explored several systems and I did manage to find ways to make some credits and built up quite a nice bank account. I remember the early days when I could hardly imagine having 60 million saved up… still; I miss the old days of action.

    And now the story continues….

    Crossfire Mission 14 - An old Friend

    Mission Brief: Two years have passed by since the Dyson Sphere incident. Much has changed. The houses came together to sign a treaty and The Order turned into a respected organization funded by the governments. Still operating in the dark, The Order’s task is to secure this brittle peace and observe the Nomad threat.

    Juni disappeared 5 months ago. She said there was an important mission that she couldn’t talk about. Great, I wonder if there is a mission that’s not important. *Sigh* I miss her. Today I got a message from Orillion. He kept it short. “Nomads have returned, meet me in New Berlin” Dammit, a few more details would not have hurt. Well…to New Berlin then.

    NUERAL NET LOG-EDISON TRENT-PERSONAL ENTRY : Orillion! I have not heard anything about him since Juni left liberty 5 months ago. He said that the Nomads would return one day. What other reason would he have to contact me? I will head to New Berlin now and have a little talk with my old friend.


    • OBJECTIVE: After many years, Nomads have returned to Sirius space and started to attack human colonies again. It is not known where they come from or how they can do such quick raids and disappear suddenly after. Probably Orillion has further information about these attacks. Fly to New Berlin.
    • DIFFICULTY: This should be easy going.
    • Reward: Information and $2,000,000

    Crossfire mission 14 begins from Planet Manhattan, New York system. Trent must follow the waypoints by docking with the tradelane towards West Point Military Academy and continue to follow the marked path past Norfolk Shipyard and to the Texas Jump Gate. The trip through New York system is mostly uneventful, but you might have the chance add some escape pods to your cargo hold. A few extra credits never hurt an enterprising pilot. You may decide to explore the systems and bases as you follow the waypoints. As you enter Texas system, things look to be quiet and peaceful and you continue to follow the marked path towards Planet Houston. If you need some repairs to you ship or have cargo, it might be a good time to stop at one of the local bases. Trent then continues to follow the waypoints and enters the tradelane towards the Hudson Jump Gate. Be prepared as you reach the end of the tradelane where you will encounter Nomad Interceptors. Your objective now becomes survival … time to fight!! You must destroy enough Nomads to trigger the next mission waypoint. It looks like Orillion is right about Nomads invading Sirius space!! After destroying the Nomads you then dock with the Jump Gate to Hudson. It’s clear flying through the Hudson system. Once in Hudson, you continue to follow the waypoints towards Atka and on towards the Hamburg Jump Gate. It’s time to warm up you guns again. As you enter the Hamburg system you will encounter more Nomads. This time there are Nomad Interceptors and a Nomad Battleship. Again your objective changes to survival. You must take down the battleship. It may be easier to destroy the Interceptors first and then move onto destroying the Battleship. Any NPC pilots in the area will help with the battle. The Battleship will have blind spots…especially if you quickly destroy some gun turrets. After destroying the Nomads, you will then continue to follow the waypoints. The path leads you past Battleship Westfalen (where you may be interested in talking to the ship dealer!) then towards Planet Hamburg and continues by heading past Alster Shipyard and towards the New Berlin Jump Gate. If you have any escape pods in your cargo hold, you may want to sell them at Vierlande Prison. After entering New Berlin system you will continue to follow the waypoints past Dortmund Station and to Planet New Berlin. Dock at Planet New Berlin and go to the bar to meet Orillion. This ends Crossfire mission 14.