Cephalopod Defense Initiative

  • A division of the Order that consists of Inklings, Inktolings, and Octolings, working together for the benefit of both themselves and humanity.

    "We started out as stowaways in stasis in the Kusari Sleeper Ship during the Sol Exodus. When they saw us, en route, they dumped our pods near the Outer Rim. At first, Nomads saw us as expendable pawns, Humans mistakened us as said slugs. We are neither, we are as sentient as any human, and just as skilled as any veteran pilot. . ." -Cdr. Sigma Skye

    In 823 A.S., Cdr. Sigma Skye outlined plans to The Order for the Cephalopod Defense Initiative, and was approved as a special forces branch, by the current leader of The Order, who remains anonymous.

    Their operations mainly consist of Scouting new systems, Espionage in Nomad-occupied worlds, and act as minor reinforcements. Though the CDI is fewer in number, they make up for it with superior talent, both in combat, and field tactics. They usually fly in five-ship formations, and limit their contact with the public. They are more commonly found on Freeport Stations, but they only offer tasks to their own kind, with the offer of joining the CDI if they fulfil the contract.

    While the Order does keep records on entry-level members, they are more concerned with the Upper officers of the Initiative.

    The CDI are Allies with only the lawful factions of Liberty, and Bretonia Space. Thus, they must support the Houses' efforts against their respective opposition. They hold a distinct grudge against Kusari, when their representing races were jettisoned from the Sleeper Ship, en route. But, until Kusari turns in a proper apology, for their past action, the CDI will remain unforgiving to Kusari officials and militia.

    With such a proud position of Sirius, while the CDI's allies are supportive of their vision, adversaries are banking on their ambition to be their downfall, along with The Order.

    "Until the Houses learn to stand together, humanity's days will still be numbered. The dark cloud of the Nomads will continue to shroud us in ignorance, hatred, and fear. Didn't you Humans come to Sirius to escape such madness?" - Cdr. Sigma Skye, Sirius Coalition Address; 823 A.S.