Mercenary License

  • 14003-merc-license-pngRole Play license to be a Mercenary

    1. Description

    Mercenaries are the only individuals capable of collecting public bounties, and can accept contracts from other parties, such as: locating special items, gathering intel, providing escort or additional firepower.

    2. Properties:

    • Class: 8
    • Enables collection of public bounties

    3. Price:


    4. Where to buy:

    Planet Manhattan, Planet New London, Planet New Tokyo, Planet New Berlin, Planet Crossfire.

    IMPORTANT: Each playable ship on the Crossfire server is equipped with two license slots intended for server role-play purposes. The Crossfire server accommodates two types of role-play: Basic (Pirate License, Police License, Mercenary License & Smuggler License) and Special (ASF_License & CSF_License). Players can assign only one basic and one special license to any of their ships. A distinct arrangement is applicable to server clans, wherein clan members uniformly utilize the same license, either for basic or special role-play, as per the internal decision of each clan.