• Crossfire System in Sirius Sector. In Crossfire MP was this system for a long time the Home for Crossfire Clan {LP} - Lost Prophets



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  • How close I need to be to wreck to see it? If map correct look's like I to bump it to found... In freacking nebula with asteroids... Without ability to set waypoint to fly through this shit because some one think it be good idea just delete it because autor think that player must suffer more(at time You start mod part of storyline)... It may sound agressive, but it bring You chanse to feel emotions that I have when searching this freacking wreck by this map with top radar. I fly in wery exact pixel on map where there are mark... And found astonishing nothing. No mark on my map. No object in list. No object's that I can see because freacking nebula...

    Then I think it just doesn't exist before something happened on story(at this time I search parts data that stolen by Blintch), but if so then all those wrecks are garbage because we already flyed in Sol so I almost can by Phoenix Progect Cannon... It is dumb... I wish to play some Freelancer, but updated, but found another brocken garbage and this episode with mark of this stupid wreck just triggered me.