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Reputation basic

What it is the Reputation? Reputation speaks about how non-playable characters (NPCs), belonging to many human factions or galactic species, will treat you, when you meet them in space. They may be FRIENDLY, NEUTRAL or HOSTILE on a sliding scale:

  • Friendly can help and engage your enemies (if your reputation is good enough) and ignore your cargo.
  • Neutral factions may scan your ship and order you to give up your cargo or fight for it.
  • Hostile factions won't bother scanning or warning - they'll attack.

WARNING: ... for you that focus on trading -> also poorly armed NPCs ships may present real danger! Hostile factions also may not let you land on their bases/planets, and even if you will be allowed to dock, you can't buy equipment or ships from them!

INFO: ... to be ably buy anything from bases (except commodities) you will need to have a good enough reputation with bases/planets owners (min reputation -30 aka -3 bars on graphics table when you press F8).

Reputation details

Default scale range for reputation is from -90 to +90, where below -59 you are considered as hostile, from -59 to +59 you are neutral and above +59 you are friendly. In space is your reputation with factions displayed in graphic table (F8). Reputation with any faction changes every time you interact with another character. If you destroy a Corsair fighter, your reputation with the Corsairs will suffer. Attack their enemies and it will improve again. Or you can "easily" change your reputation with factions by destroying their enemies "storage depots" (very useful for trains). Storage depots are orbital structures with storage containers which are usually (but not always) floating in space near space stations. Be prepared, while attacking those storage depots, their owners and police/military factions will not look favorably on you and will attack!

Factions are interlinked and have allies and enemies. Destroying an Outcast ship affects your reputation with the Outcasts, of course, but you'll also make enemies of their allies, the Liberty Rogues. At the same time your reputation with the Liberty Police will improve.

Reputation hacking is something that you can often do in bars on planets and stations. For a fee (a bribe, really), you can have your reputation with one faction or another improved; this usually incurs a slight reduction in reputation with some other factions. Using bribes usually mean serious shift in more factions relations so be careful using them. If you need only a slightly improve reputation for one faction, then forget about bribes.

INFO: With some from last changes came possibility to make neutral reputation also with NPCs from Inner Core, because theirs reputation positively react on the Dom'Kawash ships killing.