• Main character in Freelancer/Crossfire universe.

    Edison Trent was presumably born on the Planet Leeds in Bretonia space. As a child, his parents were killed in a tragic accident, and he was taken in by a family friend, Richard Winston Tobias, the equipment dealer on Leeds. After completing his apprenticeship to Tobias as a spacecraft mechanic, Trent grew restless. Leaving his girlfriend Vanessa behind, Trent sought his fortune in the Border Worlds.

    After making a deal to ship a large amount of Boron, Trent traveled to Freeport 7 to seal the agreement, which was destroyed by unknown forces before he could get paid. Although his ship and Boron shipment were destroyed with the station, Trent escaped in a life pod with Sam Lonnigan, his skin, and five hundred credits to his name. The pod was picked up by a rescue ship, which took the survivors to Planet Manhattan.

    Trent's favored booze is a Bretonian drink called "Sidewinder Fang"; he soon learns upon landing on Manhattan that "Liberty Ale" is not to his tastes ... and his journey in Freelancer/Crossfire universe is on the beginning.