• miragex_mip0_ergebnis.png Heavily armed but slightly less agile very heavy fighter with bigger cargo hold.

    1. Ship Info-card

    The Mirage_X is based on the design of the Dagger combined with the elements and technology of the original alliance Mirage. The task was to maximize the firepower but the result was a loss of agility due to the heavy guns and the power generator.

    2. Stats:

    • Guns/ Turrets: 6/1
    • Armor: 11.700
    • Cargo Holds: 150
    • Max Batteries/NanoBots: 55/55
    • Optimal Weapon Class: 8
    • Max. Weapon Class: 10
    • Additional Equipment: M, CM, CD/T
    Mirage-X VHF

    3. Where to buy: