Crossfire (multi-player) has five basic crossfire role-play (RP) types - Freelancer (without license), Pirate (pirate syndicate license), Mercenary (mercenary license), Police (police license) and Smuggler (smugglers syndicate license). In addition, it is possible to participate in one further special server Role-play and this is ASF vs CSF. The player logs to the basic role type on the crossfire server using the role play license, and through this license there are special features for the role type (more about each is written below). Is good to know, that every Crossfire player can have equipped ONLY ONE basic role-play license and ONLY ONE special role-play license. Licenses are equipment and may be purchased on each NPC faction’s main planets such as Planet Manhattan or Planet New Berlin. Relations (official rules) between all above-mentioned Crossfire RPs are described here. Players, which are not clan members, can use different crossfire RP licenses on each of their character and can change those licenses as often as they want. However, you should be aware that repeatedly changing the licenses on your characters may be viewed negatively, and could bring some unwanted consequences. Players, which are clan members, must use on ALL their chars the same license as is their clan’s chosen RP! If you want to read more about each basic Crossfire RP continue reading on. Short comparison between server's role-play types you can find here: Crossfire RP overview.

Important Note: Take RP for what it truly is: Role Play! When your char gets 'offended' by some real bad-ass rival char you yourself sitting in front of the PC should distance yourself from identifying with the char. Ask yourself if you would personally hate an actor playing the role of a 'bad guy' in a movie.

New players protection: Every created new character can't be taxed, fined, damaged in PvP or can inflict damage in PvP, IF he is not level 40 OR at least ONE character on active account do not have more as 10 hours in space (New chars protection - CF 2.0). Can be also good to mention, that server clan leaders have ability to RENAME characters names.

Freelancer Roleplay


"Exploration, trading and NPCs fighting only is all you want."

Yes, as a freelancer you can do all of this but be forewarned, freelancers are not allowed to initiate fights (attack first) with others!

Warning: no-one can force you to be active in Crossfire role-play, but on the other hand other RP types can still interact with you as is described below! It is good to keep this in mind when you are flying as a freelancer in Crossfire space.

  • Meet a Mercenary: If you have a bounty placed on your head then you are subject to attack (to collect a bounty) without any warning.

  • Meet a Police officer: If you trade illegal commodities then you may be stopped, asked to drop all your illegal cargo, and be fined! If you try flee, or refuse the officers request to drop illegal cargo, or are simply unwilling to pay a fine (/yes), you may be destroyed and fine will be paid automatically, if was used server new command /fine by officer.

  • Meet a Smuggler: They can be for you an invaluable source of information about actual trading. Experienced trader/smuggler knows what, where and when trade, and if you will learn from them, you will not have money shortage any further.

  • Meet a Pirate: If you are above lvl 40, then you are a target like everyone else! With a pirate, you have, as also other RPs, three choices: pay tax (/yes), fight or flee. If you will be killed by pirate, in the same system where he taxed you, then the "tax" will be paid automatically if was used new server command /tax by pirate.

Mercenary Roleplay


''Mind as cold as steel, deep dark eyes, men and women working for profit."

Yes, this might be a good description for those who live and die by the sword. Pilot, you decided to play as a mercenary and this will often bring you near to death, but you live with your ship and guns and this is what, for you, is most important!
As mercenary you are not allowed attack anyone unless you are working under contract (bounty is form of contract)! This simple rule might be the weakest or strongest part of this RP. If you have many contracts then isn't life wonderful, if not it might be very boring. It might be a good idea to think about this and keep your customers very close to you. Each might ask you for help, you only need to decide if you want, or not, to perform the offered job. Keep in mind, that it is still up to you how you want to fulfil the contract (no matter who your customer is) … sometimes it is more important how the contract is fulfilled, than the contract itself. The more interaction with others you have the better for you. Keep in mind that every combat contract should be clearly announced prior to you attacking anyone. Mercenaries can provide additional firepower for others, but they CANNOT perform private termination contracts! Mercenaries can open fire without warning only when they are chasing bounty! Except for this, they can also actively defend the pilot who hired them for protection, but this will mean that they will need to be flying as his employers escort! Special situations which need very quick decisions are protecting a pilot transporting illegal cargo (against police) and defending a pilot who has a bounty on his/her head (against other mercenaries).

Warning: killing someone (usually except killing a pirate) for bounty is a criminal action! This means that every officer can chase said mercenary "as criminal" after bounty-kill, and arrest (/fine) or kill him.

  • Meeting a police officer: If you do not have illegal cargo or you do not act/acted earlier like a criminal, then you need not worry about the police. Of course, they could also be your good customers if they want. If your contract is against police, then you can expect that the Police will cooperate and you may find yourself dealing with more than one target as was in the beginning. Someone told you that life as a mercenary is easy? Do not believe them! If you will be unwilling to pay a fine (/Yes), issued by the officer, you may be destroyed and pay fine automatically if was used server new command /fine by officer.

  • If you will be meet by a pirate: he can stop you and ask for Tax, no matter what you trade or what you are doing. You might accept and pay (/Yes), or not and fight. If you refuse pay and will be in following fight killed by this pirate, then tax will be paid automatically if was used server /tax command by pirate. Well, this looks easy, right? However, pirates can also be your customers and they have usually enough resources, so you might expect good payments.

    Warning: You should know, that pirates are allowed to take down your ship shield before announcing their business with you.

  • Encounter with smuggler: well, they are not a real threat to you, but still can be one of your best customers! Of course, if the police have hired you, then you can expect that they can easily place a bounty on your head. Each mercenary needs to make their own decision as to which path they want to use.

  • Meet another mercenary: here it might be interesting. In one situation, you can hire another mercenary for different tasks and they will work for you. In next, the same mercenary might be on opposing side and you will kill each other. Fun right? ... A specific instance, you are chasing a bounty and another mercenary arrives. You might be attacked in competition, all mercenaries want be the one who will get the reward from a bounty-kill.

  • Meet freelancer: If he has a bounty placed on his head (and is above lvl 40) then you can attack him without warning and try to get the bounty.

You think now that you know all about mercenary RP? ... Yes? … NO, you are wrong! ^^ It is almost certain that you will need to deal with many small but important details in this RP. Experience is what can help you the most here.

Police Roleplay


"Shall the light be your path?"

As a police officer, you have chosen a path where you will receive the hammer of justice and the enlightenment to use it wisely and quickly. Universal peace and harmony is your goal, and the power of the Law and the weapons are your tools. You may notice that riches, or succumbing to other temptations for carnal pleasures, are not for the strong people who look forward to the future. :police:

The options you have as police officers are many. You can deal with several types of situations, and helping others is just one of the ways to achieve that harmony you search for. A clever Police Officer can live much longer if he plans his steps and takes the right decisions at the proper time. You can not fully avoid hostilities, but if is needed you can "evade" them.

  • Encountering other Police officers: usually there are no conflicts. Police officers are other highly skilled pilots who follow the codex of law. You can train_ with them, add them to your team, or join their wing and search for your goal together, hunting the hostiles down.

  • Meet with Pirate: If you smell any Pirates near and your radar confirms it, they are targets to kill on sight. They can do nothing good for you, except coming near to try taxing you, or shoot some bullets at your six (at your back). You can accept and pay him if you think it is correct (... clever ... especially with valuable cargo in your storage ...), or kill him without warning. The chances of conflict are very high!!

    Also in these fights can officer use new server command /fine, but pirate can use /tax too ... only a winner will take a money!

  • Meet Mercenary: They are often skilled pilots who can come after you if a bounty is placed on your head, or they can fight with you when working as support for an opposing hostile group (pirate, smuggler or other criminal). You can defend yourself and eliminate the threat alone, or with support from other officers, or even with other contracted mercenaries who decided to work for justice's side. There is always a potential challenge ahead when you encounter these pilots. If you will chase a mercenary, which previously acted as a criminal, you may /fine him.

  • Meet Smuggler: If you scan his ship and find illegal cargo (BMGs or Illegal Commodities), they are to be halted and fined (/fine). You can also ask them to drop the illegal cargo but this decision is up to you only! Smugglers may fly in groups or even be escorted by contracted mercenaries. They can also refuse your fine and fight back. Any subject protecting a smuggler from your fines is to be executed ( ... and fined as well). Be careful, as Smugglers are likely rich and the chances are high that they will place a bounty on you!

  • Meet freelancer: Also freelancer can trade in illegal commodities. In this case, you can deal with him as you would with the smuggler mentioned above.

Smuggler Roleplay


"Rich and powerful in a very short time!"

Is it what you want most? You will need to trade with illegal goods (BMG - Black Market Gods (which only smuggler can buy!), Artifacts or Cardamine), but smugglers likes illegal trading. :hutab:

Smugglers are not allowed to initiate fights (attack first) with others without a RP reason (as is when fined or taxed)!

Do not forget that your, as a smuggler, first priority is to have profit and not to kill someone ... second to this you can (and as a rich Person, you can do it often) ask/hire other players for cooperation or to help you out of troubles. Except hiring Mercenaries for protection, you can set bounties on everyone who is trying to lower your profit and you can also call the Police for help if chased by a pirate or mercenary ( ... of course, it is a good idea to trade legally if calling the police).

  • Meet Police: With any illegal goods in your ship cargo bay, you can be stopped, fined (/fine) or fired on by any Police officer. Yep, you might expect a warning first, but keep in mind, that you might miss this warning for various reasons. Honestly, if you act illegally, then you need to expect trouble from the police.

    If you you refuse to pay the fine (/yes) and will be killed by this officer, in the same system where he fined you, then the fine will be paid automatically if was used new server command /fine by officer.

  • Meet Pirate: if a pirate meets you, he can stop you and ask for Tax, no matter what you trade, or what you are doing. You might accept and pay (/yes), or not and fight. If you will be killed by pirate, in the same system where he taxed you, then the tax will be paid automatically if was used new server command /tax by pirate. You can also pay and later place bounty on him.

  • Mercenaries: If you have a bounty on your head, or if they work for police, you can expect they will chase you and want to stop, or directly attack you if they are going for the bounty. Is good to know, that mercenaries are not obliged to say “Defend” or give warning while going for bounty. Well, without warning, it is rough ... but hey, you really believe that life is easy? Diplomacy and your reputation are most important here. When you have a bounty on your head, or when you smuggle, be "on alert" all of the time! Moreover, do not forget you can hire mercenaries for protection; they can help you in many difficult situations.

  • Encounter with another smuggler: Smugglers are most experienced travellers and traders who want to know all about the most profitable trade routes in the existing universe. Sharing your information with other smugglers can be wise and you can expect the same help from him in the future.

  • Meet freelancer: As a trader, freelancers looking for actual trading routes will often contact you. Can be a good idea to help them, clever smugglers have many friends.

Pirate Roleplay


"Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum_!"

You like? ... good, it looks like you have the potential to be a pie-rat :00000007: . This profession can offer unlimited potential for fun and adventure in the Crossfire Universe. You make your money by attempting to extract donations (/tax) from all the other players you may encounter. Pilot skills, creativity, persistence and experience all help a pirate to navigate the challenges and encounters that you may face during your life as a pirate. If you are a pilot that prefers the life of action and adventure, you may have chosen the correct RP for you in the Crossfire Universe! If you want be a successful pirate, you must know when its the best time to fight, when to run and what price can be reasonable for your target, if you for some reason do not want use the new server command /tax.

  • Police: While roaming space, you may encounter Police Officers. Keep your eyes open pilot, you are an instant target of these law-abiding pilots to whom you are the scourge_ of the universe. They may show up at the most inopportune times and try to stop your attempts at making credits. As with other encounters, you may need to contact some backup (another pirate or perhaps a mercenary) to “cover your 6” while you try to gain some hard earned credits.

    WARNING: Always keep in mind that an attack on you can come without warning, a pirates life is great but also dangerous. Police tagged characters are the ONLY ONE RP you can destroy without warning, others should be asked for donation (/tax) first!

    Info: Also in these fights can pirate use new server command /tax, but officer can use /fine too. Only a winner will take a money!

    Info: If will be any officer in the same system, where you will /tax your target, he will receive automatic warning about this.

  • Smuggler encounter: These may well be your favorite targets as they are often in transport_ ships and usually quite wealthy. Sounds easy you say ... they may fly in packs, protected not only by their numbers but also by “hired guns”. Smugglers are most likely the richest characters you may encounter. With them, money is not a problem, and to set a bounty on your head or to call/inform police is easy to do. Then the hunter can easily change into prey.

  • Mercenaries: They are often skilled pilots who may or may not be persuaded by your skills as a pilot and negotiator to part with any of their hard-earned credits. There is always a potential challenge ahead when you encounter these pilots. You can also use their help (for a price) in times that you need more firepower.

  • Another pirate: Colleague? ... Not every time! You may find yourself approached by another pirate who wants to extract some of YOUR hard won credits, possibilities for a fight are high! Perhaps a duel for the credit prize (/tax) is in order? Maybe a bit of teamwork to coordinate an attempt to collect taxes from some hard to catch tax evaders?

  • Freelancer: They are, as is everyone else, your targets. They have also, as others, three choices: pay tax, fight or flee.