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    It was October 3305 when Karina left the Bubble with course plotted to 22k ly far Colonia region. She thought that she was well prepared for this journey, but like many others before she was wrong. After spending six months with intensive scanning and exploration of systems along planned route she was very close to the destination. Remained maybe only two thousands light years (ly) to closest inhabited system of Colonia, when she overlooked readings of the planet gravity during routine landing. It was "just" a 2G planet, but she has never done landing on heavier gravity world before and usual docking routine proved to be almost fatal. Impact with surface was rough, ship's shields immediatelly collapsed and the sound of the deforming hull was deafening. Ship hull integrity was reduced below 20% and most of ship's vital modules were severely damaged. It was another lesson learned in a very hard way, but thankfully she survived ... for now ...


    After she got initial shock under control

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    Let's Play Freelancer Crossfire: Mission 5

    WARNING: People participating in the drinking game "whenever something explodes near Edison Trent, take a shot" are strongly encouraged to overthink their life choices and at least downgrade it to a sip.


    So, we stopped Intermission 4 on our way to Planet Cambridge. To start Mission 5, land on Planet Cambridge and go to the Bar. The cutscene will start automatically.


    Trent: Hey.

    Trent walks up to Juni

    Juni: I was wondering when you'd show.

    (Yeah, riiiight. It took almost 10 months.)

    Trent: Did you find Quintane?

    Juni: That's the thing. The good doctor has just disappeared.

    Trent: You mean like the others?

    Juni: No, not like them. This one left a trail. But I need your help, Trent. Are you with me?


    It's kinda funny how we still rely on the LSF intel for difficulty. Even considering that LSF intel has somehow missed Rheinland ships back in Mission 3.

    "Accept" clicked

    Trent: taht's why I'm here. Count me in.

    Juni: Good. What do you know about xenoarcheology?

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    Intermission 4

    WARNING: Once again, by the time we'll be done with this Intermission our equipment loadout will go deep into overkill territory.


    Okay. So. We've got free reign over most of Sirius sector. Let's get back to trying to get the killiest set of equipment.


    First order of business is getting a new ship. I opted for Seahorse on Planet Harris in Tau-31 (Leeds->Stokes Smelter->Tau-31 jump hole, there fly to Harris right after the jump gate). This will fix our Bounty Hunter reputation. You can ignore this step and deal with Bounty Hunters being hostile if you want.


    Then let's go to Kusari. In Tau-31: from Leeds jump gate -> Outpost Holman -> Tau-29 jump gate. In Tau-29 go along trade lanes.

    I did some missions in Kyushu. I recommend doing missions against Blood Dragons. Yes, their Dragons have a tricky hitbox, but they drop Lieutenant Escape Pods which cost 100K credits each.

    Once the cargo bay is full, let's find a prison to drop them off. It's located in Shikoku. There is a shortcut,

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    Crashed ship

    Note: this article may contain references to the biography of Martind Forlon.

    Commander Forlon has awakended in pilot's chair of his Hathor with a very sore head. Beer botles lying in big numbers on the floor around the chair were perfectly fiting to the mood he was in for no less as last few weeks. It all started with a messsage from a courier returning from Colonia region which was paid to search all information about Karina or her's ships which she owned and used on her exploration journey. The courier was able found numerous traces of her travel on stations along route to the Colonia, but it were two months already when she left the Polo Harbour, which is one from last stops before Colonia region where she not arrived yet. There were countless reasons why it could happen, including exploration of free space which looks there much different to the Bubble. Forlon also knew well that space can be very dangerous ... still, it was him who opened access to the stars for her, and just the

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    General information

    Ivara is best described as stealth Warframe.

    She can cloak, she can do stealth kills with her arrows and she can put enemies to sleep. Of course she has a few more tricks available but I personally do not really care about that.

    I use Ivara almost exclusively for two tasks. Animal captures on the open worlds and grinding the daily standing for Cephelon Simaris.

    Animal captures work pretty well because the animals won't see you when being cloaked and the sleep arrow can capture even larger groups of animals with just one shot.

    Being cloaked also is very beneficial when trying to get your daily standing for Cephelon Simaris since you can load into an exterminate mission and scan the enemies before you stealth kill them. One mission is enough to reach the daily limit.

    Note: The amount of standing you get per scan depends on the

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    General Information

    Hydroid is best at area defense and offers the option of getting 100% extra loot from dying enemies.

    He is not easy to use and requires some knowledge and if possible access to the Magus Anomaly Arcane aswell as the Pilfering Swarm Augment in order to be used effectively.

    Abilities (sort by usability)


    Hydroid's melee slam attacks have a 50% chance to spawn a Tentacle that lasts for 15 seconds. The tentacle seeks nearby enemies to grab and thrash them, dealing True damage per second, bypassing armor.

    Ability 2 - Tidal Surge

    Crash through enemies in a ferocious wall of water.

    Ability 1 - Tempest Barrage

    Target an area and call down a barrage of liquid fury. Charge this attack to increase the lethality of the onslaught.

    Ability 3 - Undertow

    Become a water trap and drown unsuspecting enemies.

    Ability 4 - Tentacle Swarm

    Tap to spawn

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    General Information

    Zephyr not long ago received an update and is meanwhile a really good Warframe.

    Her defensive abilities can maker her almost invulnerable to projectiles.

    She moves very fast using her Tail Wind ability, which makes her fly for a short duration.

    Her damage dealing ability is very strong and good choice for high level defense missions.

    The Passive ability is an highlight that should not be ignored as it increases the critical chance of your weapons when airborne.

    Abilities (sort by usability)


    Zephyr is lighter than other frames which changes her airborne physics.

    She also has a multiplicative 150% critical chance bonus on all equipped weapons based on the critical chance after being modded. This however only works when being airborne.

    Ability 2 - Airburst

    Launch a burst of massively dense air. Hold to send enemies flying, tap

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    General Information

    Wukong truly is the monkey king in Warframe.

    His passive makes him almost impossible to kill. Actually it prevents him from dying three times per mission and buffing him afterwards.

    He can use his Celestial Twin specter to "double" the damage you can do.

    He can create insanely high armor values and he can heal very fast when required.

    And yes, my Wukong has wings. I always wanted a monkey with wings. ;)

    Abilities (sort by usability)


    Wukong can avoid death 3 times per mission using his five techniques. Randomly 3 of them will be choosen which avoids him bleeding out and restores 50% health.

    - primal forces: 300% elemental damage for 60 seconds

    - heavenly cloak: invisible for 30 seconds

    - cosmic armor: invulneratble for 30 seconds

    - monkey luck: killed enemies drop extra loot for 60 seconds

    - sly alchemy: collected orbs are 4x

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    General Information

    By many players Volt is considered an excellent Warframe, especially for Eidolon hunting.

    He has some unique benefits such as being able to increase his speed and that of other players and he can use shields to protect certain areas. He even can carry this shield as personal protection.

    Volt is the top choice for Eidolon hunting since shields can amplify the damage done. He is good at crowd control, but his abilities in regular gameplay on high difficulties are not strong enough to clear the map (on lower difficulties this works perfectly fine). He is good at focus farming on Elite Sanctuary Onslaught but on Steel Path and Arbitrations the damage output of his abilities is not high enough to kill enemies. He is still a good option for these high difficulties since his crowd control abilities

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