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    Note: this article may contain references to the biography of Martind Forlon.

    HIP 98621 is system with high population and big importance to the imperial senator Zemina Torval. This system was for a very long time a quiet place, but that begin changing when into system have expanded minor faction called the Sovereign Justice Collective. People of the SJC were at first full of enthusiasm from entering this important system, but this lasted only few first weeks. Major fact, which significantly affected all further events, was independence of the SJC faction to the great interstellar powers. Never before it was seen as a problem due bonuses provided by form of SJC's government (dictatorship) which is highly beneficial especially for Zemina Torval controlled systems, but also due this concrete faction's ability to maintain stability in ruled systems. The main person behind the success of the SJC was charismatic chancellor Zahra Arias, which have build and maintained strong positive

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    Heavy spoilers for Lost Fleet update ahead! Unless you completed it OR aren't bothered by spoiling the update, DON'T OPEN THE SPOILER.

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    ............... hello ?

    ..........what happened?

    ......... where am I ?

    The eyes slowly opening, barely realizing the location nor the actual time or day.

    It seems that I am not in my ship, nor am i even in any familiar place.

    ....... there is someone, I can ask.


    Oh .... my ...... god.

    I just learned what actually happened to me.


    I seem to have been engaging in a lot of battles, putting myself at risk for the greater good. Or was it more for the greater reward?


    Long story short.

    That ugly nurse just told me that I have been in a medical induced coma for more than 2 years.

    My personal belongings have been stored in some sort of chest tucked away for the rats to build their nests in.

    My ships have been transported all over the place and under my pillow I found a piece of paper with some scribbles on it. I assume that those scribbles are my own notes I wrote down before I was taken down and passed out.

    I can remember a few things.

    X-something, Hiruga

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    Leaving Mammon Monitoring Facility

    Note: this article contains often references to the biography of Karina.

    Karina was very nervous when she entered building with offices of her father in Yaroklis system. It was quite unusual state for her, but she spent enough time already with thinking about what she is doing and what she want to do. Local office security system was active when she entered and it meant that she was here alone ... it was quite a relief for her, she had fear, despite all previous support, that father may trying to persuade her to abandon her's idea about going to a long journey "into the black". She have continued into central part of the offices and then entered the director's room. In the centre of a large, modern equipped room, was placed big wooden desk. Karina headed for it without hesitation and put on it an short hand-written letter:

    Hello, Father,

    I've decided to leave the Bubble and visit the Colonia region. We both knew that it will happen one day. I will try to stay in touch and will send you

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    The Enclave

    After my return from one of the local wars, where I was helping to achieve "our" goals, I felt suddenly very tired. I was not even in the mood to visit station bar and just sat in the cockpit of my combat ship thinking what I should do next. Then I called to my copilot Deborah, which was already arranging all needed for ship repair and rearm, and we had long discussion. I knew that I need a change, at least for some time, and she advised to me to look at a serie of the Gallnet journal articles referring to the news from area called "The Enclave".

    Next day morning I had much more information about my new "interest". It seemed that the Galaxy is suddenly going to be changing much quicker and more significant as it was anytime before. We already have human stations and regular "ferry" (megaship) into distant area with the Guardians ruins and now there is further new initiative to build permanent human presence very close to area rich of Meta-Alloys in blueish Witch Head Nebula. In

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    Unless you have already completed the Lost Fleet mission, TURN AWAY AND DON'T OPEN THAT SPOILER.

    Guys, seriously, don't. There's a lot of amazing stuff out there, it's best to do that mission first than to spoiler your experience.

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    It was early morning when I like usual entered my offices in Marsden City (Yaroklis System). I sat down into comfortable leather chair, enjoyed freshly prepared cofee and then started read detailed reports of the SJC Faction which were prepared by Deborah. We had in last few weeks quite unusual rise of influence in more of our systems, where we in some reached almost an expansion threshold ... something, what was undesired to happen at this time. I've thought about "We" and "our", and it had amuse me, because the Ghost Legion, which was my home for a few years already, was not always positively supporting our faction The Sovereign Justice Collective. We still are, like in the past, a force operating behind the scenes serving the needs of Chancellor Zahra Arias to help her build and maintain a Faction which not always knew what is the best for itself.

    However my amusement took only a short time because Deborah unexpectedly entered the room with a serious expression on her face.

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    Note: this article contains often references to the biography of Karina.

    Karina was enjoying short rest in bar in William Sargent Vision station in Synteini system after was finished outfitting of her latest ship Mammoth (T9). Suddenly has something caught her attention, it was one from bar's monitors which was showing very specific scene - badly damaged station. Camera view suddenly changed, the stream was disturbed with static shocks ... on monitor have appeared man dressed in red emergency suit asking for urgent help to evacuate inhabitants of Chiang Prospect in Jambin system controlled by an anarchy faction called Jambin Blue Crew. How important information is the form of government in the system, Karina didn't knew yet, however this would be changed soon ...

    Station00.jpg Station02.jpg

    Few hours later arrived into system Jambin an yellow Type-7 Transporter using Panda name which had most of internal slots filled with economy cabins. Karina set ship's course towards the Chiang Prospect and then after

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    It's amazing how fast time flies when one doesn't keep track of it. Though I can't be blamed for not keeping track of time when I was stuck on DS17 analyzing data from the recon reports and DS17's own intelligence systems.

    After the Weth Standoff, the Great Doms went dormant for some time. No doubt planning something. So I had to remain vigilant, even as DS17 grew emptier. I could understand that though. Some had business to do in Sirius or even in the furthest reaches of space. Some had loved ones back home.

    Speaking of which, I managed to catch a lot of flak from Mom when she heard what happened during Operation Restoring Health. Yet I can only imagine how much flak Dennzio got from his wives. Which might be the reason why I haven't seen him in a while.

    However soon I've heard from another of my friends.

    -Hello, Ajay. I see you're still flying around Inner Core - Forlon said through the commlink.

    Martind Forlon, founder of TSH and former leader of Silver Arrows, has recently

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    Asteroids mining - Mining laser in action

    Note: articles in this blog are often referencing to biography of this character.

    The Mule_ (Type-6 Transporter) was cheap small freighter able do its jobs reliably, but she was also quite fragile how have Karina learned first hand when was doing a job for the SJC faction as a courier delivering strategical messages. This type of job was easy going and safe under normal circumstances, but some circumstances may be out of control of the employer. This time someone has decided to interrupt message delivery, and he also ordered skilled assassin with a strong ship. It happened in system Gilyadar where heavily armed Python, piloted by a Neil Beasant, pulled a small T6 freighter from supercruise (SC) and then destroyed her without any warning. Karina had to spent few following hours in escape capsule than was rescued by independent pilot, but luckily for her she had there also an emergency backup of all messages from the ship computer. Data were transferred into neural net of the new ship

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