The Order

  • A clandestine faction whose primary objective is to safeguard humankind.


    1. - Description

    The Order (Order) are a faction whose primary objective is to safeguard humankind from the threat of the Nomads and other alien threats. The group was founded by Casper Orillion, a leading Liberty Navy officer working in the Alaska system on a new prototype battleship. When his commanding officer became possessed by the Nomads, Orillion commandeered the prototype ship, named her the Osiris, and dedicated himself to the protection of the Sirius Sector from the Nomads threat. In Crossfire Campaign you will meet and work for Orillion again while he deals with new threats to humankind.

    The Order recruits pilots from all factions of Sirius (with the notable exception of the Outcasts, who view the Nomads as sacred spirits and who bury their dead facing the Jump Hole to Nomad space). Originally labelled a terrorist organization following the assassination of a Rheinland admiral on a visit to Manhattan, the group is now viewed as a defender of humanity from overwhelming and insidious alien forces. Today you can meet Order forces patrolling in Utopia and Sol systems. Orillion's top notch engineers have produced weaponry and ships that rival any of the Houses' fighters at a fraction of the cost, mostly from re-engineered Liberty equipment.

    2. - Bases

    3. - Ships

    4. - Order Fleet

    Sol System, close to Dimensional Rift: While waiting for the flag ship being finished at the Mars shipyards this fleet is preparing to head deep inside the Altair sector and meet with a Coalition battlegroup.

    Abaddon Aeon Apollyon Archangel_
    Celestial Demon Eden Exodus
    Ezekiel Genesis Lazarus Metatron
    Nephilim Revelation Revelation-detail Sanctuary
    Sceptre Seraphim Spirit -

    5. - Notes

    • The Order reputation is not linked with any other known faction.
    • Rumors say that an Order Representative was spotted in Wheel of Sirius - Venlo dock, who has a recruiting offer to join The Order faction.