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  • All in due time :P

  • Nice Work man, You make Crossfire proud! LoL hi hi thanks for helping dude, I m sure OP welcomes the help :sehrgut: We just hope you'll be in space again after 2.0 release.... I want to see your Cap Ship trolls again :zocken: I'm realy looking forward to this... And your vids :freunde:

  • LoL where are you :D Post on Swat Sometimes please


    • I havent played Disco for 6-8 months. Im currently working on some new ships and will post as i get them done :P

  • Nevermind, paying nicely is better :)

  • What about today ? lol

    just playing.

  • Any trolling going on today ? :D

  • wuzzuppp??!!!111 noticed you're online

  • Thumbs up for a friendly member who has no fear even in a sure loss situation for the copper team.