Seething Fury

  • seethingfury_mip0_ergebnis.png Very heavily armored and armed vessel.

    1. Ship Info-card

    Independant ‘Seething Fury’ VHF.: The Seething Fury is all about space combat. It was designed to give every possible advantage to its pilot, with technology that is superior in design and function. The creator of this ship used concepts from Borderworld craft, and Kusari craft to meld into a deadly machine.

    2. Stats:

    • Gun/Turret Mounts: 6/0 (6 x 10lvl)
    • Armor: 11.000
    • Cargo Space: 70
    • Max Batteries/NanoBots: 70/70
    • Optimal Weapon Class: 8
    • Max. Weapon Class: 10
    • Additional Equipment: M, CM, CD/T
    Seething Fury VHF

    3. Where to buy: