Banking system (MP)

The Crossfire Mod has a function called "Banking" available. In short this means that you can instantly transfer money between each of your characters. You also can send money from your banking account to any other player (he can be off-line). To use this feature you need first deposit (/deposit) your money. The once deposit money can now be used on another character of the same account after you have withdrawn (/withdraw) it. If you need to send money to another account or to another player you need to use transfer (/transfer). You can also have an overview (/balance) or transfers history (/statement).

UPDATE: With CF 2.0 released was added a new minimal limit, 65M for a character, when you cannot deposit moneys to the bank. If you have less as 65M, and need to "move" moneys, you can do this via ship-to-ship transfer between two players.

Commands list: HERE

TAX/FINE commands (MP)

In the Crossfire Mod 2.0 hook were implemented 2 new commands: /fine (Police RP) and /tax (Pirate RP). You need to have equipped one from these licenses to have these commands usable. Once used with syntax as is above, then ship which is selected (target) get request for pay moneys. Amount is counted automatically considering target moneys on his char and balance. Maximum you can get is 20M. Now few more details how this works and when you will get moneys and when not:

  • You will GET PAYMENT if "target" accept and pay with /yes
  • You will GET PAYMENT if You kill your target (only YOUR KILL is counted!)
  • You will GET PAYMENT if your target leave space for any reason in system where was fined/taxed or if he suicide and right after leave space. Careful about this! ... If you are taxed and suicide in fight, be SURE to jump first to another system (this will CANCEL tax/fine) before do something else!
  • You will NOT get payment if your target suicide. If he is docked in the same system, you may try kill him again and again ... see up and below for possible results.
  • You will NOT get payment and tax/fine is CANCELLED when target kill you.
  • You will NOT get payment and tax/fine is CANCELLED when target jump to other system.
  • You will NOT get payment and tax/fine is CANCELLED when You jump to other system.
  • You will NOT get payment and tax/fine is CANCELLED when You leave space (re-log, sw chars, crash etc.).
  • You will NOT get payment and tax/fine is CANCELLED if passed some time (1 or 2 hours, unsure)

This feature can be used only once in 1 hour against the same player!

Warning: As police you can fine ONLY players which already did criminal action (pirates in general, smugglers (with illegal cargo scanned!), mercs which are acting as criminals (like when they kill someone for bounty). ... use /fine preventively (i.e. when is mercenary going for bounty placed on police) IS NOT allowed! If he take bounty, then is the right time for hunt him and fine him!

Dynamic Economy (MP & SP)

Dynamic economy changes sell/buy locations and prices each day for all common commodities. Change is done each morning. If you are in space during that time, you will be warned ("Console message: Incoming Ion storm ..."). After this YOU NEED to restart game via launcher to synchronize your client and server market files. If you do not restart, then you will most likely be "kicked" right after you buy some commodities and undock from a station.

Dynamic economy does not affect cargo containers trade, BMGs and selling NPC's escape pods to the prisons.

Warning: In SP if you want to have the dynamic economy functional, you will need to download the updates on a daily basis via the launcher.

Inertia (MP & SP)

This feature affects ship movement according to its weight. Its effect was highly reduced from original settings but still are some situations when you will really feel how this affects your ship movement. So what situations am I talking about and how does this thing work? In short: The more equipment on your ship (affects total weight) and the more time spent in space without docking the inertia will get stronger. Stronger means that if you want to change your ship movement vector, you will need more time and more power for this action. OK you can think now ... and What? ... If you are in free deep space then nothing, turn can take more time but it is not a problem. Completely different situation will be if you want to speed dock on trade-lane (TL), jump-gate (JG) or planet from full speed. In first case you will only miss TL or JG - your ship will "refuse to turn or stop" and will continue moving on original vector. In second case you can hit planet atmosphere and lose your ship and cargo. With valuable equipment on board it can be hard earned experience. You can also find that your ship's movement in fight can be little different (read worse) with full cargo.

So what with this now? First thing which can help is know about this feature. Second is practice, you will see real difference when you will finish your first and 100th train run. When inertia becomes stronger, you need to start turning sooner and use lower docking speed. Also when you are traveling long distances, it is good to dock from time to time... when you are chased for a long time, then "dock" can give you nice advantage in fight. Last thing which can be useful on your ship is to remove armor upgrade and instead mount any of the weight reduction kits. Maybe you think that more armor is better in all cases ... its not.

Mining (SP)

Classic freelancer mining: Fly into some of asteroid fields and shot there small floating asteroids for valuable commodities. You can use Nav Map and display there Mineable Zones Map. Proceed to one of those zones and you’ll find a bunch of small, mostly fast flying around you, asteroids which you can destroy to reveal a commodity to tractor in. You’ll know what asteroids can be shot down because when you hover your mouse over them it will turn into a revolving white circle.

In the Crossfire mod have commodities, based on their size, different requirements for ship's cargo space. For example Alien Organisms take up only half of ship's cargo unit and are, as the mineable comodity, one from the most lucrative oportunities of extraction. Another speciality added in this mod are huge slowly rotating asteroids called also "Megaroids". They can be cracked for bigger amount of commodity by long-time continuous fire of classic weapons (turrets on trains type of ships are ideal for mining), or you can use specialised ship (Mining Ship) with special heavy mining laser.

Turret Zoom (MP & SP)

This feature lets you adjust the Turret View camera using the mouse wheel. The default behavior is to adjust the "z" position of the camera, providing a zoom in (wheel down) and out (wheel up) feature. Use the modifiers for additional control:

  • Shift move by 10K
  • Ctrl move by 1K
  • Alt move by 100
  • Shift+Ctrl move by 10
  • Ctrl+Alt move by 1

Zooming in causes the camera to become quite sensitive. The speed is halved every 10K, but can be fine-tuned by holding Shift+Ctrl+Alt and moving the wheel down (halve the speed) or up (double it). Holding Shift+Alt and moving the wheel down will switch to "y" mode (moving the wheel up will go back to "z"). In "y" mode, the camera will move up and down with the wheel (awesome for taking very nice close screenshots for your ship).

Cloaking - CF 2.0 (MP)

In order to use this server feature you need to have vessel equipped with a Cloaking Device. Different ship classes now have different need (10-30) for Red Crystals, in order to get ship cloaked. Red Crystals (obtainable in Inner Core Sector and also on Clan bases) are stored on ships as ammunition (you will not lose them when killed!!!) and theirs amount per ship is limited by 50 pieces or cargo capacity (1 crystal/1 cargo space). Small ships have now short activation time, but cloak duration is also short. Large(r) ships need more time to activate cloak, but they then can be cloaked several minutes.

Tour de Universe - CF 2.0 (MP)

Automatic "Race" type event running on server each 23 hours. It is great feature for new pilots (money wise) and it also can be good way how to in the same time "explore" and "make moneys".

Clans - CF 2.0 (MP)

Clan-system message

Clans (official) have possibility create message that is shown to every player which enters that clan system (greetings, basic rules, etc). This message is displayed every time when player enter clan system. There is no more an excuse that "I didn't know" ...

Clan bases

Modular base used by clan and chosen friends (access fully configurable by base administrator - clan leader). These bases contains:

  • Commodity dealer
  • Bar (with NPC missions)
  • Equipment room (only players stored stuff here)
  • Ship Dealer (three special clan ships)
  • Production facilities (thrusters, shields, torpedoes, crystals for cloaking devices)
  • Base shield(s)
  • Mooring facility (allows dock trains and battleships)
  • Storages
  • Defence platforms (2)

Character renaming

Clan leaders now have the ability to rename player characters. Once used a rename command is announced in space that player known as "old name" is now known as "new name".

Human base in Inner Core - CF 2.0 (MP)

Players had possibility build clan type (modular) base in one from hostile Inner Core Sector systems. Atm is this base fully functional. Forum thread HERE.

New chars protection - CF 2.0 (MP)

Every created new character can't be taxed, fined, damaged in PvP or can inflict damage in PvP, IF he is not level 40 OR at least ONE character on active account do not have more as 10 hours. Only one condition must be true, not both for this protection to be active. Player is except this all the time vulnerable to damage inflicted by NPCs as also to environment risks like is strong gravity, sun's coronas, minefields etc. Player also still can be damaged with his own ammunition like is too close missiles explosion etc. With the latest change to this feature a player need to have 10 hours on only ONE character on active account to be able participate in PvP with every his character on this account with lvl higher as 40.

Battleships upgrades - CF 2.0 (MP)

NomadsDepot2.jpgFeature which allow improve players battleships and dreadnoughts. Those are either:

How to acquire them? Each day are on server randomly spawned three Nomad Depots in the Inner Core Sector and/or Canis Sector. Each this depot have different colour (green, blue and red) and contains an upgrade token with the same colour. Green is for shields, Blue for engines and Red for weapons. You have to destroy the inner shell of a depot and then tractor the loot (Note: Depot will remain empty for other players once is looted).

Keep also in mind that these looted upgrades can be destroyed, so is advised to don't use weapons with areal effect, like for example torpedoes. Assembling works similar to the cloaking device ... you need ship (BS or DN), token and then dock at any station. During undock will be token used automatically for the upgrade (Note: money are not required).

After the updates have been applied to your BS/DN, you will be kicked from the server. This is required to sync your character again otherwise the updates will not work correctly. It's normal and you're informed about it. After landing and applying the parts you have 10 seconds. You need to relog to the server then

Dynamic Universe - CF 2.0

Feature which allows daily changes to chosen system(s). Read news on bar in affected system for informations. The current set of events are limited to the X-3043 system, where can happen following events:

  • A Nomad invasion:
    Fighters and capital ships a bit away from Planet Crossfire and the docks to attack other ships and players. Duration 2-4 days (the duration will vary).
  • Solar Activities:
    Solar activities will usually have a duration of 2 days. On the first day a large area around the sun (up to 100k) will cause "high" radiation damage (200HP). This radiation will fade and on the 2nd day it will only have 1/4 of its original strength.
  • Gate malfunctions:
    Since it is not intended to cut off systems from the rest of the game, the malfunctions will only happen on the Custodian gate, the Nephele gate and the Omicron Alpha gate.Such malfunctions will have a duration of only one day. The affected systems have a 2nd gate so players can leave and take a different path.