While you explore the Crossfire universe you will meet many non-playable characters (NPCs), each of whom belong to one faction or another. There are dozens of Human factions - the police and armed forces are one group, the criminal factions such as the Outcasts and the Corsairs are another. Plus there are many commercial entities such as Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing and the Gas Miners Guild. Except the Human factions you can meet in the Crossfire universe there are also Non-human (Galactic) factions which are, in most of cases, hostile to you. How works reputation between your character and NPCs factions you can find in article Reputation.

Below you will find human factions divided per theirs legal state and main activity. If you want alphabetical list of all human factions, then please look into lexicon here.

Neural Net: Galactic overview (Species - incomplete)

(report leaked by Edward Snowden jr.)

CAUTION: The following post contains spoilers! Only ready when you already played the Crossfire Campaign!

With heavy losses we had to realize that mankind is not the only space traveling race in the universe. We are not alone. But which threats are we facing out there? Our information about other races is limited, often based on speculations and guesses. By gathering all available data and putting that into relation with observations and rumors it is possible to create at least a vague overview about the other beings that might be a threat to our civilization.

Known species (lexicon):


"Ancients" is a misleading expression suggesting that we are talking about a very old species that probably has a relation to us. This however, does not reflect what we meanwhile know about this race. The name was chosen by the scientists who discovered first fragments of a damaged ancient drone that was drifting in open space. Those fragments contained data samples of a humanoid species similar to ours. Analysis showed that the discovered drone was several thousand years old. At that time the existence of the Dom'Kavash and other races was still unknown so the expression "Ancients" was born. The real name of this species is not known to us.

We know nearly nothing about the Ancient race. It was destroyed long before our own civilization developed the technology to travel to the stars. We can not say how those beings lived, what they believed in or if they were driven by the same motivation that keeps us exploring new worlds and technology.

What we know for sure is that their extinction was very abrupt. Long range scans of the Ancient homeworld revealed similar energy traces and destructions that we were able to find on Earth. This leads only to one conclusion: the Ancient civilization was destroyed by the Nomads. Surprisingly the Dervon system, home of the Ancients, is still being guarded by automatic drones that are produced by giant space stations around the Ancient homeworld. One theory says that after the Nomads left this system an Ancient AI followed its last orders to repair the damages and rebuild the defences. Apparently the Nomads see no further threat in these defense systems.

Interesting fact appears to be that the Ancients never had any colonies outside their home system. We know that the drones have devices that might be hyperdrives but it never was observed that these drones made use of these devices. Maybe the Ancients developed this technology but never had the chance to use it. Maybe this technology is even reason for their extinction.


The Dom'Kavash empire is the oldest known civilization of our galaxy. Long before mankind existed the Kavash ruled over the entire Milky Way. Even though the Kavash still consider the entire galaxy their territory they started to focus their presence on the inner core systems aeons ago. Reason for that, based on our latest information, is a conflict with races which started to invade our galaxy through the giant hypergates close to the galactic core. It for sure was a tough decision to destroy all other hypergate connections leading to the outer regions of our galaxy and abandon old territories and colonies. But exactly that decision might have prevented that the invading forces gained ground and the necessary resources to win this war. The war that has been raging for more than 10.000 years. Modern human war strategies make use of similar ideas to limit field of conflict and focus the point of defence.

The information about the structure of the Dom'Kavash empire is very limited. We got first insight from Edison Trent who managed to travel to the galactic core and established first diplomatic contacts with the Dom'Kavash. The Kavash empire is old, incredibly old. Hundred thousands of years or even longer they controlled every system of our galaxy. It is very likely that they met other species in that time, probably even took influence in their development. We know for sure that they are masters of genetic engineering.

The Nomads which apparently serve the empire were genetically constructed and breeded while the stations in Dom'Kavash space appear to be organic. Even the ships appear to be living creatures designed to survive in space. Edison Trent voiced doubts that the insectoid Dom'Kavash drone he was talking to belongs to the leading species of the empire. On his travels to an old Dom'Kavash research facility he noticed humanoid shaped structures on the surface of the station. It is imaginable that the insectoid drones are an artificial created species or have become part of the Kavash empire as a sub-species either by choice or by force. It is unlikely that we have seen a true Kavash yet.

"Dom'Kavash" - This is more a description than a true name. "Kavash" appears to be the name of the core species which formed and control the empire. The expression "Dom" can easily translated as "dominator" or "ruler" (due to the similarities "Dominators" is the preferred translation). Historically this is a very exact description about the empire as it was the dominating force in our galaxy. Similarities to the Dom'Setek, the Dom'Razak and the Dom'Nepesh leave no room for doubts that they are also holding control over large territories.

The Kavash technology is superior. Nothing else that we developed or discovered gets close to the perfection of the Dom'Kavash technology. None of the other species reached such an advanced level. We assume that the genetic constructions that we could observe so far only serve their current needs. They do not match with ruins that we explored nor with with technology used at the dyson sphere. This theory covers with reports that the Dom'Kavash used different types of stations when they returned to the Altair sector. They adapted to the "normal" conditions of space, these stations still have organic ground layers. Another good example is the research facility that Edison Trent visited on his journey through the Canis sector. The station looked more like a hybrid of an organic and an alloy based station... a first prototype maybe. Even Nomad structures appear to adapt to the needs depending on where they are build. We knew the stone carved outposts but meanwhile know that crystalline shaped breeding stations exist deep in Dom'Kavash space. It appears that there is more than meets the eye.

More importantly, the Dom'Kavash were able to create a network of "Hypergates", with which they could move vessels from one system to any other linked into the network, regardless of the distance between them. This allowed them to travel extremely quickly within their Empire, and eliminated their need for primitive technologies like Trade Lanes. However, this Hypergate network was shut down and partly destroyed when the empire was forced to abandon their worlds. Only very few active hyperspace connections exists today deep inside Dom'Kavash territory.

It is revealed that Liberty and Ageira got an early boost through finding Dom'Kavash Artifacts on Manhattan and unlocking the secrets of building both Jump Gates and Trade Lanes. It is likely that through further study of their technologies, Humanity will soon make great discoveries.


The Nomads were the first alien species that we encountered and without Edison Trent, Jun'ko Zane and the Order we probably would not have survived this incident. Nomads are genetically engineered and breeded by the Dom'Kavash. They are part of the empire and the most important defense for their abandoned territories.

Their physiology reminds of molluscs even though their genetic code and the neural system appears to be very advanced. They share similarities with certain types of worms. Nomads are able to infest human bodies and are probably designed to do the same with every other species they encounter. Nomads themselves are bluish in coloration and feature a snake-like mouth that is used to possess others by entering through the mouths of their victims. A sure sign of Nomad possession is one's eyes turning purple. It is assumed that this is also how they control their space ships.

Nomad spaceships are apparently grown organically, or at least assembled of organically grown parts. Their ships come in the same pastel blues as the Nomads themselves, suggesting a similar biology or origin. Their weapons seem to have self-contained power sources, which explains why Nomad Energy Blasters and Cannons can be fitted on human ships. Oddly, the Nomad's permanent structures like the Nomad Jumpgate and Lair appear to be made of a gray-green stony material instead. Perhaps these are actually old Dom'Kavash architecture.

The Nomads were placed in the Sirius Sector by the Dom'Kavash, to take care of the Sector and repel invaders. While they wield sophisticated weaponry that requires no energy to fire, their ships lack any kind of shielding. As such, they have relied upon their ability to possess humans to attempt to divide the colonies against each other until humanity's forces were weak enough to be mopped up by Nomad technology. As we know today the Nomads follow a programming burried deep in their genetic code to terminate any intruders in their masters' domain.


Dom'Nepesh are mysterious creatures which live in the Boötes Dwarf galaxy. It seems like they were the ones that started the war against the Dom'Kavash thousands of years ago.

We have absolutely no information about their society or culture. What we know is based on what the Dom'Kavash were willing to share with us. Apparently the Nepesh are a brutal species which took almost full control over their galaxy by either enslaving or destroying foreign worlds. Only very few other species were able to put up resistence and delay their defeat.

It is not known how the Nepesh really look like. Even the Kavash were never able to capture one alive and remove the biosuit that the Nepesh always wear. Every try to remove this biosuit which appears to be an artificialy created organic exoskeleton initiated a selfdestruction mechanism. The Nepesh inside instantly was disintegrated. Similar self destruction mechanisms prevented us from taking further data of the Nepesh ships and stations. Based on the Dom'Kavash data, chemical analysis show that the remains of dead Dom'Nepesh indicate that they breath a methane-ammonia atmosphere which would be deadly for all other known species. However, same data shows that the Nepesh ships hold no atmosphere at all. These creatures exclusively rely on the pressure inside their biosuits. This covers with observations that hull breaches on Nepesh ships never had any negative influences on their combat readiness.

What we know for sure is that they are deadly and they show no mercy.


The Savage were a high-tech civilization long before the Dom'Nepesh started a thousands of years raging war with them. Even though sovereign on technological level the Savage lost the war. Today their only reason to survive as race is to fight for the Dom'Nepesh.

It also was not possible to capture a Savage alive for interrogation. However, unlike the Nepesh, Savage soldiers do not wear self destructing biosuits. The Savage body is about 3 meter tall and appears to be very strong. They have 3 paired limbs and they share many similarities with reptiles. Their cerebral area is very advanced compared to the human brain and contains several implants that prevent that the Savage turn against their masters. One of the implants is a killswitch.


The Dom'Setek are a race from a distant galaxy known to us as Camelopardalis B. Together with the Dom'Nepesh they invaded Dom'Kavash space seeing a chance to expand their territories and take control over valuable resources.

The Setek in fact are a very resource hungry species depleting the natural resources of their worlds within just a few centuries. This is why the Setek republic searches every way to expand. The biggest consumer of these resources is the Setek military. The Setek Technology is not much more advanced than ours, in some cases even below our standards. Still the Setek are an extremely dangerous enemy due to the massive amount of ships and resources that they throw into battle.

Physically the Setek are the weakest species we encountered so far. Half the size of a Human, pale skin and weak bones. Not what we initially would call a real threat but every of their worlds houses billions of these creatures and united they are strong, very strong.


Like Nomads the Sentinels are slaves. They have been created to serve their masters and fight for them. They have no free will, no ability to make own decisions. The Dom'Setek designed the first Sentinels after they noticed the worth of the Nomads for the Dom'Kavash empire. That makes the Sentinel the youngest known species.

Physically stronger than the Setek the Sentinel have become the backbone of the invasion forces in our galaxy. It is unknown if the Sentinel also used to fight elsewhere. Unlike Nomads they are designed for open combat in space and on ground. Their neural capacity is limited and does not qualify them for creative thinking. Hence they are not able to infiltrate other species like the Nomads do.

Sentinel bodies often show mutations and large degenerations that are result of a fast and imperfect cloning process. Even the genetic code appears to be simple, partly even primitive. Sentinel show nearly no protection against viral infections which caused many losses in long term ground combat.


The Dom'Razak were known to be a peaceful race. Long time they had friendly relations with the Dom'Kavash until they were corrupted by the Dom'Nepesh.

For centuries leading scientists denied that a space traveling race like the Dom'Razak could even exists. It is against the laws of physics they said. No water creature could develop advanced technology and no water creature could ever do a high-voltage experiment twice. The Razak appear to went through an exceptional development. Their homeworld is twice as big as the earth covered with large oceans and two continents. The Razak evolved in the warm cost regions but they were not the only intelligent species of their world. Those that we call Warriors evolved on the same planet but their path of evolution allowed them to settle on the land masses. Both species developed the mental capacity to develop social structures, the Razak however evolved into a very specialized direction.

Razak remind on the first view on large jellyfish but instead of stinging cells their tentacles contain large amounts of neural cells. They allow them to establish mental contact with each other and with other species when the tentacles get in touch with other bodies. It is also assumed that over time the Razak developed telepathic abilities. This very special evolutionary path allowed the Razak to control the on the land living species. This kind of symbiosis allowed both species to live in peace and develop technology that can be used on land, in water and finally in space.

Razak ships contain large areas filled with water but several areas of these ships are filled with oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere. While Razak can survive outside the water for several hours it is more logical to assume that not only Razak serve on board of these ships. Probably some of the main ship systems don't get along well with water.

The Dom'Razak took control over the Tadpole Galaxy after millions of years of expansion. While not being the best fighters the Razak rely on their advanced technology and mental control when annexing new worlds. Only very few times the Razak empire was forced to fight in open war. One of our data analysts made a very fitting comment: "The Razak don't fight a war, they make you believe that you already lost instead."


The best name our scientists could give to this race was "Warrior" since that is exactly what they are. The Dom'Razak is a civilization that was build by two races. While the Dom'Razak are traders, scientists and leaders the "Warriors" due to their nature very soon took over the role of the military and workers. Even though both races have their origin on the same planet they developed into totally different directions. But together they are strong.

The Kavash submitted us data containing the true name of this race but nobody of us can speak it and every try to translate it crashed our computers. We stuck calling them Warriors instead. Warrior bodies are snake like and thats exactly how they move. However, they have two pairs of arms which allow them to do many tasks at once. With four eyes they have an field of view of almost 300° but they don't seem to see well in the dark.

Warrior ships are designed to spread fear and respect, their stations are at best functional. The weaponry is very advanced but it is questionable if it was developed by Warriors or Razak. It is possible that much of the technology comes from other worlds which belong to the Dom'Razak empire.