Relax in Ice asteroid field

I've collected few mining missions and with my Shadow Miner went to nearest Pristine location in the Bhare system. It seems there were done some updates to mining which were not mentioned in last patch list :) or maybe some are serverside fixes.

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  • I think you posted this around 2.00am in the morning your time?

    I don't think its CF 2.0 but its really nice.

    • It is Elite Dangerous and it really looks good especially when these asteroids rotate :)

    • WOW! Can I migrant from CF2 to ED please. Seriously it looks as good as CF2.0. Can download it?

    • Elite Dangerous ... this game is needed to be purchased which is really better to do when are active discounts :)

    • I'm happy to buy. No problems. But you know what I'm like: exploring pilot not a fighter ace. Would it work for me?

    • You can spent years exploring deep space, you can use solo mode where you can be sure that you will not need to dealt with other players (hostile) and fighting NPCs is with some experience easy ... if you played CF and did CF campaign, you will be ok :)