Elite Dangerous 2.3

Ship ID plate is better visible from this angle and also new paintjob shines in the dark. Is discussed that ship's ID can be nicely used for an identification mark for a group where I play.

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  • To be honest i dont really like this trend to make tron ships in games. Especially in a game where silent running is important.

    • :D right ... well, I guess may need use other skin when switch equipment to pvp :)

    • but Tron movie I liked ... thx, could not remember what this skin reminds me :)

    • can you make it black glowing?

    • sadly nope, there is more coloured variations (separate), but all have the same dark skin as 'background'

    • nothing wrong about Tron.... I liked it. But I dont like it that much when ideas get copied into other products. I didnt like when all of a sudden there were lightsaber weapons in Star Trek Online or Tron ship skins. It destroys the original style.