Four lances in action

For a first time I tested my new tool for mining - Minig Lance Beam Laser. These lasers are powerplay weapons for the Zemina Thorval. Size is only small, they have lower punch as standard medium mining lasers and can overheat your ship quite fast if your power distributor do not keep walk with power consumption. Question can be then, why use these things at all? Standard minig lasers have firing range only 500 m and don't do damage to ships (it's not weapon), lances can fire up to 2km and are weapon which can damage ships (don't expect miracles in this regard, but on other side it can add nice DPS bonus where previously was none). But this is not the main advantage of this tool, the MAIN advantage is possibility QUICKLY "scan" rocks around you, where if you will find nice mined fragment is worth deploy prospector limpet and start mining. I tested this "scanning method"for a first time and it was huge difference.

Another thing which will come soon is first small load of bonuses for mining coming in Q1 (big overhaul should come in Q4 later this year). In Q1 will be possible pre-select what you want to collect with collector limpets (only this will speed mining up by 50% at least) and also will be increased yield of materials from asteroids.

Comments 4

  • So that's your mining ship? Looks badass. Also, I'm reminded of Lance weapons from 40k/Battlefleet Gothic Armada.

    • I was with this ship (Anaconda with few design ship kits) on community goal = the best equipped what I have for shields and with adding some defensive stuff instead stuff needed for mining. This is, what means play in open, you need to decide how much is possible reduce your ship defense and still be able do what you want. .. private groups and solo is like utopian dream :) (imo).

    • I reached point where I have enough money (especially bcs I do not have high enough rank to get some from rly expensive ships: Federal corvette or Imperial cutter)) and therefore I purchased this ship as special mining vessel. Its better as to again and again change all equipment :)

    • Ah, it's the Anaconda, from what I hear it must be quite popular ship out there.