System which have nearest bases from the star more as 200k ls which needs around 10 minutes in supercruise. ... but when one get there, it have some really nice views for visiting commanders.

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  • So what did you do during the 45 minute trip to Hutton Orbital?

    • never been there :D ... but using holo-me is possible option :)

    • wtf is holo me? some new fangled tech that lets you remotely visit a location even though you're hundreds of light years from anywhere on the Bridge of your 'conda??

    • if you have horizons, there is in right HUD panel (bottom right on 1st page: see start of this video:

      , possibility use it). Hole Me is about creating appearance of cmdr. You can now also save more appearances and I use it from time to time.

    • that i know about. i was trying to be canon af lol\