Guardian Gauss Cannon

Now this is another interesting special weapon (unlocked in tech brooker) which is based on Guardian technology, is devastating against Thargoids (and theirs hearts), but have somewhat limited ammo and produce huge amount of heat. It can damage human ships similar way (and power) to hammers. This weapon is hitscan type (like rails or hammers) and it means that it will hit the target if is released in moment when you aim on target (you need cca 2 seconds before is shot released after you keep pressed fire button ... need some practice :) ). I use hammers/rails quite allot on my ships so use this weapon looks familiar for me. In my setup I chosed use thermal vent on beam laser which offers (if you hit target) extra cooling, and for now my first field tests shows that I can nicely keep ship temperature down without the need to use heatsinks.