Type-10 Defender

It was good occasion to test SLFs (and multi-crew) with this recently added ship - Type-10 during mining event organised by our wing. This thing is really huge, its like flying skyscraper .. but we had much fun with it :D. Ship owner had on this thingy "all canon turrets" setup (+2 mining lasers) and hangar for two SLFs and in multi-crew you can control or SLF or turrets (plus missiles, torpedoes and mines and limpets). Connection is still a thing for this feature, but when I compare ED start with present time, then there was done huge amount of work. When we were (pilot plus two in multi-crew) from Europe, it worked almost perfect. When we had one multi-crew from US, then there were some issues, but I was honestly surprised it was working :) . And we had in the same instance except "our" ship also "opposing mining group" and "group of pirates". I still remember old times when was not easy make one instance between three friends :)

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  • I've got a type 7 i use to transport people around. I decided that with the looming Thargoid threat, i decided to sacrifice a little range and added some guns in addition to other basic defensive countermeasures. Sadly, without wanting to decrease my top range too much, i still don't have a shield, which i may add tomorrow anyway (when the update is released)\