Squadron operation at Guardian Structure

Opening Databank containing Guardian SLF blueprint. There is bigger amount of guardian_drones, have some help and ideally "air" support is more as welcome :)

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  • Did you blaze "Ride of the Valkyries" over the comms when doing air support? :)

    • :D this actually may fit perfectly ... especially when these drones uses missiles attacks (kind of energy mortar). They can be a threat to SRVs as this is common encounter for them, but for ships or SLFs are they just an easy target with smaller disadvantage that you cannot get "aimcross" on these drones while in air .. but using human EyeMK1 and fixed lasers or plasmas is enough here :) . SLF is also very highly maneuverable and can be therefore perfect guide for ground vehicles showing them pathes and parts of ruins which need be visited (like rising pylons when SRV come close). I was on guardian ruins more times, but that was always solo. In wing it is completely different experience and it was fun and special views not only for myself but also for others ... like when you are in SRV and before you is boosting small SLF or big anaconda (this need to be little careful :D ).