Leaving industrial station

Anaconda "Dark Queen" during take off from industrial Moore Dock in Jera system. On board are numerous passengers groups wishing to travel (relocate) to nearby systems. Passengers transports are short quite well paid missions which may have (depending about passengers type) also quite big influence not only to local faction(s) reputation, but also to faction(s) reputation at destination (like transports of Politicians, Prisoners, Refugees etc.).

Comments 3

  • But that vessel is not primary for passenger transportation purposes? Looks more like a support vessel for really big Dreadnoughts in encounter situations.

    • Anaconda is multipurpose vessel and can serve for trading, combat, exploration, doing missions, mining etc. She have actually only 2 weaknesses: is slow and you can't dock on outposts (no large pads). How you equip it and engineer parts will decide how good it will do chosen role. My ship is quite heavily armed, playing in open offers also hostile commanders encounters.

    • In hostile pvp encounter when have most internals 'non combat' I usually flee, there is huge difference between fully pvp equipped ship and 'armed trader'.