Yesterday I found my first ringed Earth-like-World (very rare) and enjoyed flying around in supercruise. This one is 5th planet in system IC 2391 Sector BA-A d51 which is only 580 ly far from Sol (with dedicated exploration ship you need circa 10 jumps). It was just pure luck that I visited this system on my route to one from Ancient ruins for artifacts needed for community goal.

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  • Imagine the night sky on this world... though I take it one could get there, land and see for themselves.

    • there will be some longer way to be able dock on ELW worlds in ED ... but they (FDev) want have it, so one day this will happen :) ... means I need this year upgrade my PC bcs in Q4 should come big overhaul to planets/exploration at all.

    • i think that ELW closer to Sol would have more developed cities. i.e roads, metropolitan centers etc. imo, being able to land on worlds with atmospheres wouldn't be worth it unless i can go in and out of my ship and walk around

    • honestly, i'd be happy if just space stations were roamable. Nothing like starting a fight in a cantina then running like hell to your ship....

    • ...While Flogging Mollys' "Devil's Dance Floor" plays in the background.