Shining in the light of two suns

System Mayang

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  • Hahahaha, these stars are a bit too close....I recommend leaving the area ASAP :D

    • Heat is surprisingly very well handled in Orca, imo there is not much better ships in this regard, maybe only DBX (Diamondback Explorer) is better. I have dirty drives on Orca (means more heat when I scoop fuel) and I still can keep temperature below threshold when ship starts overheating for quite long time (this allow very comfortable travelling over long distances).

    • I actually didn't care of the heat your ship has to suffer.....*ahem* I think there'll be much much much more heat in about uhm....couple of days ^^

    • Suns gravity is not issue in ED except if you go too close to White Dwarf or Neutron star (this is fatal issue). If you go too close to "normal" sun, you will automatically drop out of supercruise and there you will start have issues with heat (your ship will burn if you will want go even closer).

    • So they do not collide ? ...